New FFXIV environments show a land of high fantasy

In the last few days we received a hefty dose of all things Final Fantasy XIV. One of the scans we came across shows off the lush high fantasy environments set in Square Enix's newest MMORPG.

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Jpinter3213d ago

I'm really looking forward to seeing more on this title. I wonder how much Square Enix is changing compared to FFXI and if this may actually be a decent console MMO.

Myst3213d ago

Seeing as it has quite a few fundamental changes from XI, I would say this one has the ability to triumph XI so far. Though depending on the rest of the classes or "Jobs" as they are called that are shown that can sway the decision.

The screenshot to the bottom right reminds me slightly of Rolanberry fields though. Just with more detail, sorry for the lack of a bigger picture everything else I had found was a map of the field.

I just hope they don't spoil us with to many screenshots of the landscape, kind of want to be amazed by it all when the game comes out.

Jpinter3213d ago it's an MMO so there is bound to be plenty of updates, patches, and new additions after release adding new cities, enemies, etc.

sandwiches3212d ago

I hope there's less of a grind than FFXI but other than that, I'm really excited for this game,

Lanontscuz3213d ago

damn turtles lol i do like farming silks up in there ..i actually started to miss FFXi every time i read new info about this game....

azedean3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

better pictures here

and all news about ff14

Ngai3213d ago

/em wonders what gamecom will show


Arnon3213d ago

I cant wait for this game T_T

Playing FFXI right now.

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