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knox3150d ago

holy crap! good going nintendo

Saaking3150d ago

Wow, looks like another hit for Nintendo with Casual crowd.

Polluted3150d ago

Anyone else not a fan of the new golf? Maybe I just need to spend more time learning it, but the new driving controls pissed me right off.

3150d ago
desolationstorm3149d ago

See this is what I was saying. Its difficult to make sure an accessory for a system makes it into so many hands to make it worthwhile for developers to include it while making a game.

With the sales of this, Tiger woods and then RedSteel2 there should be a large percentage of penetration. This is the thing I was saying about Natal and Ps3 motion, gotta get it into the hands of market to make it worth while for 3rd parties to include it. Thats why Im very curious when those add ons are fully announced to see how each company is gonna make sure a good amount of their install base adopts it.