PlayStation Eye Chat: Critter Crunch for PSN

Chris Morell from the US PS Blog writes:

"When you last saw Critter Crunch, it was probably at E3 when Capybara's Nathan Vella walked us through the game's basics on the show floor.

Well Nathan is back, along with fellow Capy compadre Kris Piotrowski, to talk much more in-depth about Critter Crunch. Specifically, the duo describes the puzzle game's versus /co-op modes and their power-ups, how the foodchain mechanic works and the robust single-player adventure more. Plus, there's nice chunk of in-game footage included in the video.

And yes, there's plenty more barf, too. Strategic, rainbow-colored barf, if you will."

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Lifewish3121d ago

ok whats up with the dummy w/ chest hair in the background?

OtherWhiteMeat3121d ago

Kind of looks like Ron Jeremy.......very very disturbing.

Johnny Rotten3121d ago

The interview doesn't cover but in the replies from the devs they said it's both online and local multiplayer/co-op.