Interview: NHL 10's David Littman on Playoff Intensity, Fighting


"Last year's NHL 09 was easily my favorite sports game. Perhaps it was no contest - I'm a huge, huge hockey fan (Go Avalanche!…Even though you're going to suck this year!), so it's pretty clear that I'm partial to the games. However, Electronic Arts has consistently stepped up its game on the franchise ever since NHL 07 was released. Prior to this generation of consoles, the 2K hockey franchise was consistently better (not to mention cheaper) than the EA Sports counterpart. However, additions of the skill stick, improved realism, and added features have made the NHL franchise not only the best hockey franchises out there - but perhaps the best sports franchise period.

We chatted with NHL 10 producer David Littman in an e-mail interview, talking about what we can expect from this year's edition of the game."

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