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Submitted by pixelsword 2307d ago | news

Nintendo Blames Falling Wii Sales On Lack Of Big Titles

Speaking to investors after Nintendo reported a 60.6 per cent decline in quarterly operating profit, company president Satoru Iwata cited a lack of major new games as the primary reason for a recent decline in Wii sales. (Wii)

darthv72  +   2307d ago
I blame...
the lack of big titles on nintendo holding out on the rest of the developers. It is no doubt they keep the best stuff for themselves but with companies like Naughty dog and Guerrilla offering to help out other devs with their tricks of the trade. It just makes nintendo look bad about not promoting more towards the little guy.
Trollimite  +   2307d ago
the wii = tickle me elmo
i beileve the wii is a fad and it ran its course! remember the tickle me elmo? he was all the rage a couple of years ago and elmo even got his own show! now noeone even care about elmo anymore!! my point is, that the wii isnt in the console market, its in the high end toy market

i predict that the wii will have a excellent holiday 2009, then sells will drop lower and lower!
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darthv72  +   2307d ago
The problem with your analogy is the only thing you could really do with elmo was tickle him. The wii has a bit more functionality and is more enjoyable to laugh at rather than watching elmo laugh.
Hellsvacancy  +   2307d ago
Is there any1 left 2 sell a Wii 2
I havnt got 1 (i was gonna buy the missis 1 (she could do wid loosin a couple of pounds around the hips)

Hasnt the Wii sold like 50 million consoles or more 2 date?
Maddens Raiders  +   2307d ago
It's a lack -
of something alright.....but "titles" are only one of the problems.
Panthers  +   2307d ago
He is saying it is like Tickle me Elmo because it is a Fad. Most of the people that bought it dont buy games regularly and just got it because it was cool. Now they are bored with it and they will move on.

People that come to this site dont fall into this category because most of you are hardcore gamers. I am not talking about you so dont get your panties in a wad. I am talking about most of the people that got the Wii.
Trollimite  +   2307d ago
@ darthv72
i understand what your saying but half of the people that bought the wii have no idea what its capable of, they bought it as a toy not as system!

@ panthers
exactly!!! lots of wii owner didnt even know it was a video game system, hell even my mom and sister call the wii a toy!
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pixelsword  +   2307d ago
For the record
Elmo was on Sesame Street before the doll; whether he had a show after that, I do not know and can find no evidence of.
Trollimite  +   2307d ago
@ pixelsword
it used to be only sesame street. after the tickle me elmos sucess he got his own show!

remember elmos world
badz149  +   2307d ago
falling Wii sales??
this is what we call the prime example of BS! the Wii sales going down alright but still selling better than 360 and PS3 combined almost every month! the lack of big titles is because they are surfing the money waves brought by the Wii and DS plus Wii Sport, Wii Fit and so on to even care about making new games! devs make new games when the demand for their old games drop but that's not the case for Wii Sport and Wii fit! the only reason for the lack of big titles is LAZINESS!! when the Wii sales start to slump hard, which I don't know when, you'll see Ninty announcing games here and there and shows how utterly BS this claim they are making right now!!
GameGambits  +   2307d ago
Let's face it. Nintendo picked a 100% different route at the start of this generation and I pray for their sake it was in order to make a ton of money in order to make their next console a bigger beast than the PS3 or someday PS4. This way with more money in the bank they can afford to sell it at a high price point, take the loss early on like Sony did, and then come back bigger and better in the end with the next Nintendo.

If they seriously came into this generation thinking of only a 3 year plan by just selling consoles well the mission is done. Even with more titles pouring into it it's just not going to be able to hold its head up high against what Sony and Microsoft will be offering games wise for the hardcore and the casual.

Let's hope Pachter is right and the Wii-HD does drop. I'd pick that up ASAP for the next Zelda and Monster Hunter 3 most likely. I sold my Wii recently because even when a new Zelda drops I wouldn't go out and buy it again without MORE from the machine. 1 tricky ponies(games in this case) are not what I'm about. Lucky for Microsoft they are a two trick pony(Gears/Halo), but Sony keeps delivering a megaton pony! ;)

Seriously if anyone failed gamers this console generation it was Nintendo and the Wii. The DS didn't fail hardcores and casuals though. Oh's hoping the next Nintendo Console gets with the times...and fast.
pixelsword  +   2306d ago
@ Trollimite
I never heard of that, I even did a search and didn't come up with an alternate show.

Thanks for the link.
Saaking  +   2307d ago
That's Obvious. I think New Super Mario Bros. Wii will move some consoles, not to mentioned MH 3 which already released.
raztad  +   2307d ago
I dont think so. Sorry but I disagree.

People seems not to realize that Wii success is not related with traditional gaming. Wii sucess is the novelty it brought to the non-gaming masses. Moms, dads and grandparents have been eating Wiis for dinner, I dont expect them to be excited about the next Monster Hunter. Wii sales have been slowing down because the novelty is fading away, slowly but fading nonetheless.
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Saaking  +   2307d ago
That makes sense; however these titles will push sales especially in Japan. I agree, however, that the wii's introduction of motion controls really pushed it's image as family friendly.
scissor_runner  +   2306d ago
Raz really? The Wii would not even be here if it was not for traditional gaming. The only type of gaming that it lacks is PC gaming which for the longest time has represented the graphic whore paradise.

This is not a paradise that evolves great art yet technical prowess. Graphics whore want the game to look good on their HDtv which half the 360 owners do not have and then they want effect and texture from the PC which makes them lower the resolution of these so call HD games.

Traditional gaming is represented with over 400 classic console games and games they we loved in the arcade also. Traditional is still having a mario platformer and even supporting 2d mario games by releasing a 2s game. Traditional is having a system that all gamer can afford rather than catering or milking the small amount that would over pay for an HD console and TV to go with it.

The Wii success happened because MS and SONY stopped making games for normal people and started making them for PC owners. The PS2 was a success because they had a game for every one yet that can not happen on HD console because a great game is only judged by graphic on that platform.

I will say this again, 1 million bought mario kart wii that is not wii sports, kids drive this industry not adults and a lot of those moms, dads, grandparents have kids which is actually why monster hunter will sell. You guys act like kids are not suppose to buy games any more.

Wii sale have slowed down because the economy is that bad! yet They still are way beyond HD console sales. Which are in trouble of just stopping. With the current state of MW2 being a real pricing problem I think more people will be stopped from buying an HD console when the game is cheaper on PC. Then you have a slim PS3 coming out... yet how reliable its it... it is using cheaper components!

Then on top of that I've meet lots of people that don't like the games that are on both of those systems despite the hype.

The hype train is running out on the HD consoles and they are about to reap what they have sown.

It you would actually try out some Wii games you would understand what the fuss is about.

If the Wii is a fad then HD gaming is an even bigger fad.
I don't know too many people that define HD gaming as fun. When I see HD system owners fighting over the web they are not fighting about fun they are fighting about specs and power.... this is not football people.
NeptuneMerc  +   2307d ago
Big titles my ass. The wii was just a novelty.
-Mezzo-  +   2307d ago
I blame the one in the picture, his annoying looks are the reason for the falling wii sales. lol JK. all the crazy wii fans have bought the wii now bring in the price cut to attract more people.

Stop being a cash sucker.
TheMART  +   2307d ago
I blame outdated hardware, basically a supercharged Gamecube in a new jacket, doing only 480p and last gen physics and effects with only a gimmick wiggle waggle mote as the problem.

Thing is, the nongamers, the morons you sell to Nintendo probably found out what you're doing here. Selling donkey shiat hardware and donkey shiat games for a premium price.
danthegardner  +   2307d ago
I hate you
you eat poop
mirroredderorrim  +   2307d ago
Homebrew makes the Wii a very capable console. I have it on PSP as well. These machines need to be exploited to their fullest, so that the appeal has staying power.
Not to mention, having such things as "720p Wii titles" would have been so cool as a standard. Who wouldn't want to play a Wii-Zelda in 720p?
KILLA J  +   2307d ago
it doesn't matter how many progressive lines it has if the game looks like crap. the Wii's hardware is so weak, every game for it looks like a PS2 game............ every game, even metroid 3
presto717  +   2307d ago
No sh*t Sherlock.
DreamcastFanboy  +   2307d ago
How much money do they want? They have the best selling console of all time and yet they are b*tching about how they don't sell 1 million every month...
-Mezzo-  +   2307d ago
Agreed, it pathetic.
scissor_runner  +   2306d ago
DreamcastFanboy they have to answer to share holders other wise you would not here a thing from nintendo until they release a new game or had a game conference.
jack who  +   2307d ago
lets all say duh!!
xztence  +   2307d ago
they have wii sports resort and monster hunter 3,
the wii just sucks.
vShinobi  +   2307d ago
I blame...

-Lack of Wii HD
-Over hype
-Choosing the casual audience
-Lack of hardcore games
-Too many Mario games
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ChickeyCantor  +   2307d ago
C'mon even you know those are stupid reasons.
GCN was pretty "hardcore" not just hardware wise( barely used by developers), it had many unique games.
Yet almost no "hardcore" gamer bought it.
Even it they went HD, the system would have been ignored by the likes of you, they didn't pick the "casual" audience, the casual audience chose them.
spektical  +   2307d ago
i blame
the lack of good games and horrible supply of wretched games like Carnival games! lol xD

i bought the wii for 3 games only super smash bros brawl, zelda and metroid
cyguration  +   2307d ago
Give us some real games then!
Gosh, they half-arse all the core titles and think core gamers won't notice?
Skynetone  +   2307d ago
It had to slow down sometime
My mommy told me
Gr81  +   2307d ago
The level of intelligence in this thread is comparable to that of an Ameba.

We still have people calling it a fad? Seriously? Unreal. Keep living in fantasy land.
iceman06  +   2307d ago
The word you were looking for was Amoeba...for those of us who are not intelligent!!!*L* I agree with the masses. It's LARGE spark in sales was a fad. When you are on Good Morning America...every news channel...even friend you have reached fad status. That being said, no one said that fads are a bad thing...Remember Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, and even GAMING started out as "just a fad"!!!
Chad Warden Returns   2307d ago | Spam
psthreee  +   2307d ago
wii is not real console
cygnuszero  +   2307d ago
They're spending way too much time on this casual crap. Sure it's selling, but you still need big games to keep it going. And for some reason they've only had a handful of them in 2.5 years, they they have like 5 seperate teams working on games. Obviously time is being wasted on other crap.
Shnazzyone  +   2307d ago
lol... No crap nintendo
I also don't see Nintendo trying to hard to woo anyone back. Or enhancing online or anything. Nintendo... you have more money then any of the big 3 use it to get yourself some exclusives. It's called investing in an audience. Look into it. All i am saying is nintendo needs to stop lining iwatas underpants with dollar bills and start using that money to make a better selection for everyone like they said they wanted to in the first place.
maniacmayhem  +   2307d ago
"..use it to get yourself some exclusives"

Huh? Really? Isn't everything on Nintendo damn near exclusive?

In fact over half their library is Exclusives! I don't understand your post.
mirroredderorrim  +   2307d ago
@Killa J
Wrong, friend. The Wii games are hindered by having to be played at 480P.

At 720p, some of the games look like they can tango with the big dogs.

Not the best example, but to play it, with it looking crisp, is what I am getting at.
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KILLA J  +   2307d ago
dude, i don't think that made much of a difference. the game still looks "last-gen".......... here look at this and tell me if you see the difference, they are both 720p:
cyclindk  +   2307d ago
Isn't that backward, big titles sell consoles; guess this proves Nintendo was relying on price point alone to sell their console. The Wii didn't win this console generation, it's price did...
tiamat5  +   2307d ago
Nintendo and the companies that make games for them would blame the the rising of the sun and the phases of the moon for poor sales if they could. Their games mostly get average and less then average scores, they get crappy versions of multi-platform games, they get left out of most of gaming francises and series and there exclusives mostly suck. But it is never their fault. It's the consumers fault, it's the average gamers fault, it's the economy, the game wasn't released at a good time, it was a good game but no one wanted it, it's the developers' fault for not trying hard enough or for not giving the Wii a chance. An after the game sells below average, gets bad reviews and eats dirt the companies come back as if they are in a trance and say "we want to make a sequel". It is weird how Nintendo and Microsoft are so boring and generic and get praises and rewards, while Sony busts their butts to try something fresh a nd new and get shot down by everyone
cyclindk  +   2307d ago
One typo "nd" (and) and you could use one paragraph break, but nice comment. I especially liked the beginning about Nintendo blaming the celestial objects part, well done.
Gun_Senshi  +   2307d ago
I blame
Gimick Console full of Shovelware you greedy bastards ripped money from everyone who bought it.

Really how much can a Wii cost to manufactor?
Etseix  +   2307d ago
he blames lack of big titles ? LOL
i think ive been living on a cave cuz i dont remember a LOT of quiality games that made the wii sell like hot-cake

in fact, the Wii has been selling so fast without the help of any games, (and this is because it DONT HAVE! just a few -around 5-) lol
Product  +   2306d ago
I have to agree with Iwata on this one.
The Wii is grabbing non gamers, not really because of its family friendly looks through ads but its ease of use. Kinda the same reason why people choose the iPod over other mp3's even though it has less memory, features, etc for more money. The mass market likes intuitive design, and the best design is that which makes things easier, in an attractive package.

Right now the Wii is still doing fine in sales, maybe not compared to last year at this same time, but is doing good in sales in general.

Lack of big titles should be a concern as instead of growing the Wii market with core gamers, studios are putting their biggest titles on the Ps3 and Xbox where they are gathering sales of only existing constumers.

Instead of getting a Resident Evil 5, Wii owners get another spin-off. Or another light gun game instead of a third person Dead Space. Where is Street Fighter 4? Instead we get a cross over(which will sale more in japan then America)

The point is instead of putting their best ideas and resources into the Wii, studios are instead "half assing" it resource wise.
Monster Hunter 3 is making a big splash right now in sales in japan and that is because core fans are having to play the Wii, which in turns makes more people buy them, which in turn brings core players over from the ps3, xbox, or old gamers who abandoned the market completely.

Monster Hunter 3 look better than all the third party efforts right now on the Wii, and their sales are showing that it matters for studios to put big resources into the Wii, instead of ports and spin-offs.

No you can not compare Madworld, House of the Dead, or even The Conduit to Monster Hunter and or bigger franchises that studios are not putting full support behind. Niche games will not sale as much as a big franchise.

I for one am getting tired of hearing studios say they support the Wii fully, then they put their 3rd string team in to make the game.
kesvalk  +   2306d ago
i agree, the level of Monster Hunter is higher than anything third party had done until now on the Wii...

if more devs put a effort to make better games on the wii, they would sell, not point and click or exquisite, niche games. heck, they dind't sell in the PS2, why would they sell in the Wii?

heck, we don't even have a classic, good RPG yet!
EvilTwin  +   2306d ago
Well said, Product.

MH3 shows how much better games can be on the Wii. Yes, the casual market will still buy mini game compilations, but the core crowd will also still buy well-made Wii games like Zelda.

Nintendo will be rolling out three new versions of its big three -- Galaxy 2, Other M and the next Zelda.

We'll get Red Steel 2, No More Heroes 2, SH: Shattered Memories, and hopefully some good shooters now that HVS has shown the bigger devs the right way to do it (the Modern Warfare port should be great).

But you also can't blame a team like Capcom for doing what makes business sense. If it's cheaper to make a rail shooter that will still sell quite well, then that's what they'll do.
scissor_runner  +   2306d ago
Product is so right yet part of me is glad some of these games did not get ported. I got SF4 running at 70 FPS behind me on my PC and I have to say I really hate the title screen music WTF is this gay music! This is a frigging fighting game!

Some one needs to tell people that game music should not have lyrics and if they do they better be more of a damn match to the game!

Ok /rant #1 is done... Oh yeah if you are playing any capcom game on a console you are wasting your time unless it is a Wii exclusive. SF4 and devil may cry shows how much the HD console are hold them back!

Any way TvsC is going to rock and is actually seen as a more exciting game to a few guys that actually love fighters.

Another thing is the HD guys are holding the publisher hostage with those high a$$ royalties. I can not understand why activision has to pay $500 million on PS brand devices and only makes $213 million.

Monster hunter is a great point. It shows that if you put your best tech forward and actually get a creative group to do your art you can still wow people. Yet your game play has to be some thing that wows people, not your cut scenes or Quicktime-events or the fan favorite which is story.

That games makes namco look like they where trying to sabotage the Wii. What was konami's game if any? Yes we did not get the next res evil 5 but I'm glad we did not LOL.. That 3d bionic commando game oh my god WTF!

We've know for a while people are just trying to throw some thing on the wii just to say they did. Yet even the HVS guy are showing signs that they are going to make the art a lot better and game play does matter it seems.

Yet motion+ truly is going to make a difference in a time that HD gamers wallet will be tested to see if they can actually truly support HD gaming. I have to say wii sports is what I wanted the other ones to be. I really feel like nintendo has captured what made the old atari fun along with up dating the right things that matter the most to the general gamers.

Seriously the cool platformers, brawlers, space shooter, great midi music! or some thing made with albeton G live or reason would do. Yet gaming needs to get back to the raw essence of it that blew PC gaming out of the water.

Seeing new super mario bros on the wii with 4 player is what we all need in away.... these are video games not movies.

It would be nice to see games that test gamers wits again rather than make them couch potatoes with controllers.

So many HD gamers sit back and just say ewww look not enough particles or resolution or shiny normal maps. That is not what gaming is about.

If what I think is going to happen things are going to change. The PS3 is going to get a price drop, if they are successful in making good 1st party motion games it will actually awaken the wii market if they fail it will just taint sony and push them more the cliff.

MSD is going to survive any thing that happens. The only way any of them would become a problem for nintendo is if they both truly understood what it means to make traditional arcade and console games.

Sega lost this when they killed their arcade units. So many companies have changed now and lost their way and the HD gamers are going to make them pay because these companies have yet to make new fans really.

It is just so weird right now how the industry is acting. I really feel like part of it is going to cave in on it self while another part is going to keep going. Some thing tells me PC gaming is going to make a come back also but we will see.
knox  +   2306d ago
nintendo had some crappy titles in months past so yes they should be blaming that
Arkem  +   2306d ago

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