Nintendo Blames Falling Wii Sales On Lack Of Big Titles

Speaking to investors after Nintendo reported a 60.6 per cent decline in quarterly operating profit, company president Satoru Iwata cited a lack of major new games as the primary reason for a recent decline in Wii sales.

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darthv723179d ago

the lack of big titles on nintendo holding out on the rest of the developers. It is no doubt they keep the best stuff for themselves but with companies like Naughty dog and Guerrilla offering to help out other devs with their tricks of the trade. It just makes nintendo look bad about not promoting more towards the little guy.

Trollimite3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

i beileve the wii is a fad and it ran its course! remember the tickle me elmo? he was all the rage a couple of years ago and elmo even got his own show! now noeone even care about elmo anymore!! my point is, that the wii isnt in the console market, its in the high end toy market

i predict that the wii will have a excellent holiday 2009, then sells will drop lower and lower!

darthv723179d ago

The problem with your analogy is the only thing you could really do with elmo was tickle him. The wii has a bit more functionality and is more enjoyable to laugh at rather than watching elmo laugh.

Hellsvacancy3179d ago

I havnt got 1 (i was gonna buy the missis 1 (she could do wid loosin a couple of pounds around the hips)

Hasnt the Wii sold like 50 million consoles or more 2 date?

Maddens Raiders3179d ago

of something alright.....but "titles" are only one of the problems.

Panthers3179d ago

He is saying it is like Tickle me Elmo because it is a Fad. Most of the people that bought it dont buy games regularly and just got it because it was cool. Now they are bored with it and they will move on.

People that come to this site dont fall into this category because most of you are hardcore gamers. I am not talking about you so dont get your panties in a wad. I am talking about most of the people that got the Wii.

Trollimite3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

i understand what your saying but half of the people that bought the wii have no idea what its capable of, they bought it as a toy not as system!

@ panthers
exactly!!! lots of wii owner didnt even know it was a video game system, hell even my mom and sister call the wii a toy!

pixelsword3179d ago

Elmo was on Sesame Street before the doll; whether he had a show after that, I do not know and can find no evidence of.

Trollimite3179d ago

it used to be only sesame street. after the tickle me elmos sucess he got his own show!

remember elmos world

badz1493179d ago

this is what we call the prime example of BS! the Wii sales going down alright but still selling better than 360 and PS3 combined almost every month! the lack of big titles is because they are surfing the money waves brought by the Wii and DS plus Wii Sport, Wii Fit and so on to even care about making new games! devs make new games when the demand for their old games drop but that's not the case for Wii Sport and Wii fit! the only reason for the lack of big titles is LAZINESS!! when the Wii sales start to slump hard, which I don't know when, you'll see Ninty announcing games here and there and shows how utterly BS this claim they are making right now!!

GameGambits3179d ago

Let's face it. Nintendo picked a 100% different route at the start of this generation and I pray for their sake it was in order to make a ton of money in order to make their next console a bigger beast than the PS3 or someday PS4. This way with more money in the bank they can afford to sell it at a high price point, take the loss early on like Sony did, and then come back bigger and better in the end with the next Nintendo.

If they seriously came into this generation thinking of only a 3 year plan by just selling consoles well the mission is done. Even with more titles pouring into it it's just not going to be able to hold its head up high against what Sony and Microsoft will be offering games wise for the hardcore and the casual.

Let's hope Pachter is right and the Wii-HD does drop. I'd pick that up ASAP for the next Zelda and Monster Hunter 3 most likely. I sold my Wii recently because even when a new Zelda drops I wouldn't go out and buy it again without MORE from the machine. 1 tricky ponies(games in this case) are not what I'm about. Lucky for Microsoft they are a two trick pony(Gears/Halo), but Sony keeps delivering a megaton pony! ;)

Seriously if anyone failed gamers this console generation it was Nintendo and the Wii. The DS didn't fail hardcores and casuals though. Oh's hoping the next Nintendo Console gets with the times...and fast.

pixelsword3178d ago

I never heard of that, I even did a search and didn't come up with an alternate show.

Thanks for the link.

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Saaking3179d ago

That's Obvious. I think New Super Mario Bros. Wii will move some consoles, not to mentioned MH 3 which already released.

raztad3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

I dont think so. Sorry but I disagree.

People seems not to realize that Wii success is not related with traditional gaming. Wii sucess is the novelty it brought to the non-gaming masses. Moms, dads and grandparents have been eating Wiis for dinner, I dont expect them to be excited about the next Monster Hunter. Wii sales have been slowing down because the novelty is fading away, slowly but fading nonetheless.

Saaking3179d ago

That makes sense; however these titles will push sales especially in Japan. I agree, however, that the wii's introduction of motion controls really pushed it's image as family friendly.

N4g_null3178d ago

Raz really? The Wii would not even be here if it was not for traditional gaming. The only type of gaming that it lacks is PC gaming which for the longest time has represented the graphic whore paradise.

This is not a paradise that evolves great art yet technical prowess. Graphics whore want the game to look good on their HDtv which half the 360 owners do not have and then they want effect and texture from the PC which makes them lower the resolution of these so call HD games.

Traditional gaming is represented with over 400 classic console games and games they we loved in the arcade also. Traditional is still having a mario platformer and even supporting 2d mario games by releasing a 2s game. Traditional is having a system that all gamer can afford rather than catering or milking the small amount that would over pay for an HD console and TV to go with it.

The Wii success happened because MS and SONY stopped making games for normal people and started making them for PC owners. The PS2 was a success because they had a game for every one yet that can not happen on HD console because a great game is only judged by graphic on that platform.

I will say this again, 1 million bought mario kart wii that is not wii sports, kids drive this industry not adults and a lot of those moms, dads, grandparents have kids which is actually why monster hunter will sell. You guys act like kids are not suppose to buy games any more.

Wii sale have slowed down because the economy is that bad! yet They still are way beyond HD console sales. Which are in trouble of just stopping. With the current state of MW2 being a real pricing problem I think more people will be stopped from buying an HD console when the game is cheaper on PC. Then you have a slim PS3 coming out... yet how reliable its it... it is using cheaper components!

Then on top of that I've meet lots of people that don't like the games that are on both of those systems despite the hype.

The hype train is running out on the HD consoles and they are about to reap what they have sown.

It you would actually try out some Wii games you would understand what the fuss is about.

If the Wii is a fad then HD gaming is an even bigger fad.
I don't know too many people that define HD gaming as fun. When I see HD system owners fighting over the web they are not fighting about fun they are fighting about specs and power.... this is not football people.

NeptuneMerc3179d ago

Big titles my ass. The wii was just a novelty.

-Mezzo-3179d ago

I blame the one in the picture, his annoying looks are the reason for the falling wii sales. lol JK. all the crazy wii fans have bought the wii now bring in the price cut to attract more people.

Stop being a cash sucker.

TheMART3179d ago

I blame outdated hardware, basically a supercharged Gamecube in a new jacket, doing only 480p and last gen physics and effects with only a gimmick wiggle waggle mote as the problem.

Thing is, the nongamers, the morons you sell to Nintendo probably found out what you're doing here. Selling donkey shiat hardware and donkey shiat games for a premium price.

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