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About writes: "I think it's great that Sega is committed to putting out games for core gamers. With so many publishers pumping out tedious mini-game collections or bland casual games, it's nice that someone is really taking the Wii seriously as a gaming platform, especially since even Nintendo often gives short shrift to core gaming.

Now that I've praised Sega, I'm going to go ahead and trash their new first person shooter, The Conduit."

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coolman2293268d ago

This review is terrible. I have The Conduit, and it's a great game. No, it's not as robust as Halo or Call of Duty, but it's a good game. The story is something that you have to research, with all the stuff with the Annunaki (I think that's how you spell it), the hidden messages, and conspiracies. Obviously you just blew through the game and didn't look. Pathetic.