The Portable Gamer: Dawn of Discovery Review

The Portable Gamer writes: "It's a shame that Dawn of Discovery suffers from some irritating niggles as overall it's a very enjoyable game. It may not be aimed at the hardcore RTS player, but I think even the most cynical of RTS gamers would enjoy this to some extent, and other gamers will love it for its welcoming visuals and helpful introductory gameplay. Unlike other RTS games, it doesn't have a scarily high learning curve to begin with nor is it intimidating, making this an ideal title for casual gamers and the younger gamer. Dawn of Discovery deserves to do well despite its faults, but I suspect it may well be overlooked for more recognisable titles which is a real shame. If you spot this in your local game store, do pick it up. It's well worth a look".

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bgrundman3152d ago

Is this as good as the PC version? I know I am loving it.

roblef3152d ago

Probably not as graphically intense. The Wii version differs from PC as well.

JimmyJames703152d ago

Good review. I might have missed this game otherwise.

roblef3152d ago

I found this to be as good as the Wii version, with similar graphics and the exact same storyline. Would be cool if you could build a city in one, and transfer to hte other. Ah, well.