15% Average Game Install Shrinkage For New Dashboard Update

We here at Save Point Online were late to sign up for the Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program, but after receiving it today I was interested in checking out how much smaller the game installs really were.

My initial test was really surprising when Dark Sector installed at 1.3 GB. That's a 61.8% decrease in used hard drive space over the original 3.4 GB pre-update install.

The second test was a bit less when Bioshock installed at 4.7 GB. That one was 23% smaller that the pre-update install.

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FragMnTagM2995d ago

and I did not know it shrunk the file sizes of the game installs. The question is, do you need to reinstall the games to get the shrinkage, or does it do it automatically. Either way it is not a big deal as the actual shrinkage of the file size is the bigger deal.

PandemicPrawn02995d ago

I wonder if it's possible for MS to reduce file sizes further?

maybee 120gb is enough?

likedamaster2995d ago

Funny how articles like these don't get so hot but when its titled "Xbox Live update, worth it?" it goes past 1000. Anywho, this is great news for we need as much space as we can get especially with the new Games On Demand feature coming up.