Fat Princess Gets Bulky FAQ

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"Fat Princess was released for the PlayStation Network last week, and was met with mixed reviews. While almost all critics agreed that the gameplay is fun and entertaining, the server and connection issues plagued the experience. Recently it was announced that a patch to fix the current issues is on its way. And on top of that the developers posted a detailed FAQ that addresses many of the questions that the community has asked."

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wolfehound223274d ago

Glad to see developers answering questions. This is such a great game and is only hampered by these issues hopefully all will be ironed out soon.

decimalator3274d ago

I don't understand the fuss over this game. Is there something I'm missing?

Lifewish3274d ago

you mean the fuss about the issues or about the game itself?

Sev3274d ago

The game is incredible fun to play.

JonnyBigBoss3274d ago

It's simply fun to play. 32-players, 2 teams, CTF-style (in the most prominent 2 games modes) and you can feed the "flag" to make it harder to carry. Classes that have 2 dimensions and interesting qualities, as well as a worker class to gather resources, repair and upgrade the base as well as things around the map. Also, you unlock character customization features and can fine-tune how you look. Mix that together with some artsy and lovable cartoon graphics and you have yourself one of the most entertaining games so far this summer.

ps3gamerkyle3274d ago

Looks good...But I'm still having too much fun with Battlefield 1943!

Maybe I'll get it in a week or so.

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Lifewish3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

this is a must own PSN game and I cannot wait for fixes and future additions

dopeboimagic923273d ago

Can't wait till their strategies start coming out. Is there a Wikia site for the game yet?

Ravage273273d ago

this game is incredibly fun, shame about the matchmaking issues though. However there is no problem when joining your friends' game, lagless too. We had a pretty crazy 6v6 inhouse game,was late for work the next day :)