30° MAG Hands-On Preview

When MAG first debuted on the scene back at E3 2008, it appeared under the title of MAG: Massive Action Game, and even though the latter half of the title has been dropped (thank god), it still completely lives up to that lofty adjective. MAG is truly "massive."

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Saaking3092d ago

Only PS3 is pushing console gaming further introducing new and intriguing ideas and some exciting IPs. From the developers of the acclaimed SOCOM series, Zipper Interactive, MAG shall be a shining example of what's possible only on PS3.

ThatCanadianGuy3092d ago

Another game that puts the so called "Superior" XBL to shame.

SlamVanderhuge3092d ago

Still not sold on this one...looks so uninteresting and generic

Haly3092d ago

Yeah that's my concern too :/

jjohan353077d ago

You're not too bright. This is like Command & Conquer, only you're deploying real people into battle (not little clusters of AI). It revolutionizes the entire FPS genre.

mr durand pierre3092d ago

I agree with that sentiment. Snooze.

iTZKooPA3092d ago

I enjoyed playing it, but I can see why people can't grasp its potential without experiencing it themselves.

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