Zune sales crash, Microsoft urged to quit

Electronista writes:

"Microsoft's struggling Zune media players may have been single-handedly responsible for a plunge in revenue at the Entertainment and Devices group and could be a sign of much deeper trouble for the line as a whole, analysts said Thursday.

While the company has never published Zune unit numbers since reaching the 2 million mark in 2007, the numbers are low enough that Traditional Capital Management analyst George Kurian is calling for Microsoft to exit the MP3 player market and focus on Windows Mobile smartphones. He notes that some, unnamed retailers have stopped selling Zunes entirely as their sales have been "so disappointing" that it leaves no other real alternative."

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FragMnTagM3216d ago

I am definitely buying at least one Zune HD. I might buy two one for my girlfriend and one for me. I really don't like the iPod Touch, and I sure as hell am not paying 100 dollars a month for the iPhone, so it is the Zune HD for me.

andron6663216d ago

It might sell in the US, but you they don't even sell zune's in most shops here in Norway or most of scandinavia for that sake. I have yet to see one in the flesh, Ipods are so popular that the zune gets left behind.

Scary693215d ago

I for one am getting the Zune HD. I could care less for the ipod.