Sony confirms God of War III, MAG, more for Cologne

VG247: SCEE just confirmed its GamesCom line-up via press conference invites, and it's a comprehensive list holding few shocks.

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Roper3163269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

what are the shocks??? everything listed is already well known about. so did I miss something here?

never mind that is what he was meaning when he said few shocks that it is nothing new.

cRaZyLeGs 933269d ago

Wonder why home is on the list? Better be good.

Blaze9293269d ago

hope for some new Heavy Rain levels. Can't wait for that game.

PixlSheX3269d ago

BTW. Anyone knows if there will be live footage of the comiccon?
I'm guessing spiketv.. but not really sure..

mastiffchild3269d ago

There will be a few shocks that they'd hardly put on the pre show menu won't there?

They wouldn't be shocks if we were told in advance now would they? Obviously they could just go over the same old E3 stuff but I imagine with this being a new launch for a major EU show they'll want a little of the wow factor.

Putting my imaginary nets cash on some GT5 goodness personally as I'm soooooooo bored of slim/price cut gubbins it's untrue.

leila013269d ago

I hope the stream the conference through playstation HOME.

DarkMantrid3269d ago

Why isnt GT5 on the ps3 list? :/

shingo3269d ago

there will be GT5 at gamescom. full blowout + release date announcement (2009).

it's the surprise of the show ;)

3269d ago
Raider693269d ago

I believe the shocks is: NO GRAN TURISMO 5 ON THE LIST!I hope not,but im starting to thinks that this idea of GT5 in 2009,USA and EU release is just bogus and rumor!

gaffyh3269d ago

He said "with few shocks" meaning "not many shocks" NOT "with a few shocks".

mfwahwah3268d ago

Took till 1.10 for someone with reading comprehension to post. I'm shocked.

shadow27973268d ago

That it took so long or that it happened so quickly? I mean this is N4G... ;-)

I'm only kidding guys. =)

JL3268d ago

Agreed with mastiff. Of course nothing on this list is a shock. They're not going to publicize their suprises (if they have any) before the actual announcement.

That being said, I'm actually really excited about Cologne and that 3 hour conference. I really do feel Sony have a couple tricks up their sleeves or at least some really big announcements (maybe things we've all already been speculating on that they'll finally end the speculation for with the announcement). To me though, there's just this air of excitement like something is coming. If not, oh well, will be interesting to see some more on some of these games at least.

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chidori6663269d ago

Definites for PS3 are:

* Heavy Rain
* Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
* God of War III
* EyePet
* Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time
* SingStar
* Buzz!
* White Knight Chronicles
* DC Universe

You’ll be seeing the following for PSP:

* Gran Turismo
* Invizimals
* MotorStorm: Arctic Edge
* LittleBigPlanet
* Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
* SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3

Services and other gubbins confirmed are:

* “Lots of PlayStation Network games”
* VidZone
* PlayStation Home
* PSP go

Sony’s GamesCom press conference takes place on Tuesday August 18, from 18.00-21.00pm CET.

LordMarius3269d ago

Is that enough for 3 hours?

red2tango3269d ago

They all won't necessarily be shown but they'll be playable or separate booths with presentations I'm guessing. They also will showcase either a price drop or a new PS3 model. Also, there will be 2 version of the PSPGo with memory being the difference.

Lucreto3269d ago

That is just the announced stuff. We didn't see Ratchet or Jak and Daxter at E3. Then we have unannounced projects to be revealed. I just hope WKC gets a European release date.

himdeel3269d ago

The more I see the GO the more I want one but until I know how you gain access to the PSP back catalog via the GO I'm not getting any SKU of the PSP.

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indiagamer3269d ago

the shock is... we knew all dis stuff... but they arent gonna show up wid juz dis stuff.... so there will be many surprises for sure...!!

unrealgamer583269d ago

of course they're not gonna show the shockers on invite

xztence3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

that's one helluva list!
Sony a GOGO!

GT5 is not listed, its either a surprise or saved for tokyo games show.

Marty83703269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Yeh, awesome list.

Sony probably will announce the Jap GT5 release date as late 2009 at tokyo games show. And GT5 will release early 2010 in the US/EU. Thats my guess.

juicyjuice3268d ago

I'm also surprised GT5 isn't listed. I for one think its hilarious that just a prologue of the game (not even the full game itself) has sold more than any other PS3 game. This game will sell huge. I'm thinking more of a spring release for GT5 though.


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