Brutal Serious Sam HD Box Art Revealed

Koku Gamer writes: 'We're continuing our coverage of Serious Sam with the fantastic box art for Serious Sam HD being released.'

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Ziriux3216d ago

Since when does a DLC game have a art cover, oh wait maybe the PC version will have a case. Either way this is bad a** cover.

A HiFi3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Yeah, XBLA games have covers. You can see them in the marketplace. But you're spot on. Could be coming to retail if there is PC box art.

EDIT: And yes, that is a BRILLIANT cover.

Timesplitter143216d ago

Feels very Duke Nukem (as expected)

ThanatosDMC3216d ago

Reminds me of Evil Dead dvd cover.

Funqy3216d ago

sweet lookin' cover. Looks epic.

Xeall3216d ago

Mix of a ton of great covers, good job.

Raf1k13216d ago

I hope they do the same for The Second Encounter

A HiFi3216d ago

Hmm...good point. I guess it'll depend on how this sells.

mau643216d ago

never played a serious sam before... should probably play some of those

A HiFi3216d ago

You should if you like mass amounts of enemies on-screen and lots of guns.

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