Make it Right: A New SSX Game

Gamervision writes:
"First things first, EA needs to pretty much ignore SSX Blur. The game wasn't a complete disaster, don't get me wrong, but since it came out in the early days of the Wii, the motion controls never felt intuitive or accurate. Blur also got rid of one of the best additions to the previous game in the series, SSX On Tour: character creation..."

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FragMnTagM3216d ago

But yes a new SSX Tricky would be friggin awesome. I spent so many days of my younger years playing that game and SSX3. Man I really want this bad now.

Cwalat3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Doesn't have to be on PS3 only... EA is a multiplat publisher.

But i would love to see a new SSX game, for sure!

Me and my older brother were addicted to SSX tricky...
Constantly played as J-P.

snaz273216d ago

just that he wants it on ps3, as do i lol... id love a new ssx tricky tricky tricky, aslong as they dont screw it up, and keep it as fun as the originals were... id defo buy it tho day one!

SoapShoes3216d ago

I'd rather see a new Cool Borders.