GamesAreEvil's Review: Shatter (PSN)

GrE writes, "There is a reason that publishers continue to remake old arcade games. They are fun, addictive and aren't as emotionally draining as AAA games. Even so, developers are expected to put their own twist on a classic game if they want the consumer to justify a purchase. This twist can be as simple as a graphical and soundtrack overhaul or as risky as changing the gameplay mechanics that gamers are accustomed to. When done right, arcade games continue to be a blast and unite gamers of the past and present..."

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wondroushippo3148d ago

I have heard alot of good things about this game.

CrAppleton3148d ago

Looks like an awesome game

Neco5123148d ago

I heard about the same, but how can it be that different from the original breakout game?

hay3148d ago

It's fun as hell. Take Breakout, give it nice 3D visuals, cool soundtrack, physics in which you can alter trajectory of the ball, tons of powerups, some nice improvements like multiple balls on wish, bullet rain you can activate, various bricks altering physics and other elements and boss fights. Need more explanation?

callahan093148d ago

@ Neco:

It's quite different. The layouts are more complex, and there are different situations, like you'll rotate in a circular fashion instead of on a flat plane, and you will be on the side instead of the bottoms (also on the bottom, too, for certain levels). There are boss encounters, too. And there are a lot of powerups and things of that nature. Especially new are the special abilities. There is a shatter storm ability where you launch a huge ammount of particles outward to destroy anything in their path, and suck & blow abilities to either suck things towards your paddle ("bat") or blow them away from it.

jwatt3148d ago

Yea I love that game and the music is nice too. I just got the 10,000,000 trophy in the bonus mode and it felt good.

bgrundman3148d ago

Did it take a long time to reach that high of a point total?

jwatt3148d ago

Well since it's the bonus mode it goes by real quick and it's only three sections. It's just that I had to keep tying a couple of times and it was frusterating when I had came so close and reached 9,700,000 but when you start over you start at zero. It took me about 30 minutes and a little bit of luck but you have to be great on each section, I'll say do at least 3,000,000 on the first two sections.

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bgrundman3148d ago

I have played it and had a really good time with it... they bring alot of new ideas to the table, without breaking the core game mechanics

CrAppleton3148d ago

Says low replay value.. you would think you'd get a ton of replay out of this

roblef3148d ago

I guess that depends on your tolerance for a game that is basically a game from 1976 with a new coat of paint.

freitox3148d ago

I guess you have never played the game.

supercharger51503148d ago

So kind of like a Virtual Console thing going on on PSN? That's really cool. With the capabilities of the PS3 I bet a lot of old games could get an awesome 'upgrade'.

CrAppleton3148d ago

I like the way they changed up the style of play for breakout.. Looks like this one's a keeper

supercharger51503148d ago

agreed! I like it to the side and in different shapes

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