BITMAPS 88: Nintendo's Real Revolution

TheGameReviews writes: "Wii Sports: Resort is the game to bring back hope. MotionPlus remedies all the shortcomings of the original Wii Remote, and Resort expertly demonstrates what this new technology means for interactivity. Throwing a Frisbee is inordinately satisfying, and archery just "feels right", according to a friend that I suspect has had several meals in which a bow played an integral role. However, hindsight begs the question - is this the true rebirth of the Nintendo Wii, or merely another dose of smoke and mirrors? Have their beards all grown longer overnight?"

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Haly2997d ago

I really must try MotionPlus, yet again it looks to have great potential and I'm hoping this time it pulls it off!

shoinan2997d ago

If it makes that fun again, I'm sold.

reddevilyi2997d ago

I hope the wii motion plus leads to more games actually doing something inovative with the motion controls, instead of just replacing the buttons with stupid waggles.

SirLarr2997d ago

It does, according to the editorial at least.

iTZKooPA2997d ago

It also rocks in EA's latest tennis game.

mr durand pierre2997d ago

I really have to try out Wii Sports Resort. I only tested Motion Plus with Red Steel 2 and found it underwhelming and unnecessary.

SlamVanderhuge2997d ago

Havent yet tried motionplus, but I fear that this will just divide the market...

SirLarr2997d ago

That's a concern, but so many of them are selling I don't think it'll be a big issue.