New game revealed for Wii with Team Ico-like visual style

In the latest edition of Famitsu, a new game was announced for Wii and is drawing comparisons to Team Ico work due to the looks of its visuals

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PirateThom3216d ago

It doesn't really look that much like a Team ICO game, but sounds really intersting. I'll keep my eye on this.

qface643216d ago

so what exactly is the game about though?

Timesplitter143216d ago

Not sure but it looks like you're a shadow and instead of jumping on the objects themselves, you must jump on their shadow.

I can imagine that there will be different light sources and that the shadows will move.

Looks pretty cool

N4g_null3216d ago

WOW this can end up being pretty cool. Shadows can combine to form other things you know. My eye is on this one.

juicyjuice3216d ago

This game could end up being pretty sweet. It looks to be pretty original and that could be all it needs to excel.


SinnedNogara3216d ago

We've been getting a lot of cool Wii games lately huh?? Call of Duty 4 on the Wii, then we got the Bethesda announcement.

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swiftshot933216d ago

No. Nope. 100% not possible. This title is VERY misleading.


darthv723216d ago

We are not talking shadow of the colossus here. If anything it looks like the art style is more like the original Ico. that game was very simple in appearance but grand in execution. Certainly the Wii can render something to the original Ico extent..maybe even Sotc but that really comes down to the talent of the artistic design team.

No need to take offense at a wii game in development for trying to capture the style of the competition. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Team Ico should be honored that another company liked their work to try and imitate it.

Besides, we dont even really know how far this will go to imitate it simply based on a few stills.

ChickeyCantor3216d ago

And its not possible because?

Timesplitter143216d ago

What the hell, dude. Calm down. They didn't say the game would be better than SotC or anything. They just said the visual design looks like Team ICO games. (ruins and plains, etc...)


Ninji3216d ago

Sorry, I don't settle for imitations or mediocrity (which is why I didn't buy a NetfliXbox 360).

Kamikaze1353216d ago

I think developers say it's that much completed when the first reaction they get is "wtf?", lol. If they get a "OMFG YES" reaction, they'll say it's around 70% complete, lol.

ChickeyCantor3216d ago

So you play as the shadow?...interesting.
Imma keep my eyes on this one.

KILLA J3216d ago

you could, ....only if you can get your face out of NINTENDO'S AZZ

ChickeyCantor3215d ago

..How did that make any sense?

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