Microsoft: You want form over function with Xbox Netflix. Us: ?

Ben Smith, director of program management for Xbox Live, has befuddled us by stating that the Xbox's "Netflix lite" approach is to give a more "video rental store" experience to customers. Speaking with MTV's Multiplayer, the executive also said, "I think when people come to Xbox they're not really looking so much for functional, they really want to have fun, they want to be wowed."

Please, stop. And consider us "wowed" by that quote! Netflix has built an empire by avoiding almost every horrible aspect of the "video rental store" experience.

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mrblacknut2995d ago

I would love to have a search button of Netflix, but the problem is not every movie is available for Netflix streaming. Alot of the movies or tv shows you go search you will find it isn't in there to begin with. Doing it from the 360 is alot better than the PC. Much more convient overall.

KionicWarlord2222995d ago

A search button would be great.

Also more categories .

IdleLeeSiuLung2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I just got netflix on my 360 and love it. Wish there was more recent movies, subtitles, more movies that show up on each category (for some reason they are limited) and a search function.

However, the interface is just incredible! Love the scrolling box shots. I saw National Treasure the other day and quality was great. It now makes me wonder with a service like that if I will ever bother about Blu-Ray. Sure BR has great picture quality, but the hassle of renting it at the store or paying $20-30 for it doesn't make for a great value proposition. To me personally it seems HD doesn't increase my enjoyment that much more on movies. Having a lot more movies on my fingertip does! Instant gratification!

Ninji2995d ago

Us: I'd rather have games.