Velvet Assassin's Developer Shuts Down writes:

"Set in WW2, Velvet Assassin is a 3rd person shooter combining intense battles with guerrilla missions, featuring extensive stealth elements and challenging puzzles. Rumored over the past few days, now confirmed by lead game programmer Claus Praefcke, German based Replay Studios is shutting down."

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Elven62995d ago

This sucks, Velvet Assassin had some really good ideas in it. Giving the Germans a human element was a great touch, differentiating between Nazi, Heer, etc was a welcome addition. Some guys you felt really bad for killing, others you couldn't wait to kill.

This is what the second German dev to shut down this week?

Good luck guys, you're a talented bunch and I hope you find work quickly.

erathaol2995d ago

The Dev's knew that the game wasn't that great, they weren't going to support it with DLC and they confirmed that they would never make a sequel. They were ready to abandon the franchise upon release and wanted never look back. Problem is that next-gen titles are risky business and when you roll the dice you pay the price.

Germany seems in a bad way when it comes to Video Game Developer's shutting down. Didn't Crytek threaten to leave Germany because of some harsh laws being enforced?

cyclindk2995d ago

Yeah, they did take a risk... I think they should have gone with a sort of dystopian psedo-futuristic setting, but with the same stealth elements. A lot of clean whites, static, antiseptic looking environments like THX-1138. That would have been tight.

Elven62995d ago

They did have plans, books, comics, etc were all announced around release. I haven't finished the game yet but from what I can gather so far, it was supposed to be a 1 time thing from the get go.

cyclindk2994d ago

I guess we'll all just have to swallow the sequels publishers keep dolling out.

At least some PSN/XBLA titles are proving more innovative.. I think it's a great place for new devs or new ideas to test the waters. And if they don't pan out for a full-fledged game, there's really no loss.

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Myst2995d ago

I'm sad to hear this and this was one game I was looking forward to at least playing after getting my 360. In fact I was going to rent it a few days before school started. Well I do hope those who made the game are able to find another form of work as soon as possible.

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NotSoSilentBob2995d ago

Well I guess that all the talk of doing a ps3 exclusive will cause a studio to fail now also can apply to any 360 exclusive.

Elven62995d ago

How? Velvet Assassin was a PC title as well. It doesn't matter how many platforms your game is on, if no one buys it no one buys it. The fact that the game released at a time when games sold like crap probably didn't help either.

erathaol2995d ago

Bionic Commando tanked pretty hard and so did Wanted. I don't think Grin is looking to good right now.

peacock12994d ago

"Velvet Assassin was a PC title as well"

so its not exclusive to 360 when it fails so hard the studio has to close...

I wish we could all decide if we are counting these 360/pc games as exclusive or not already -.-

raztad2994d ago

Well Do PC games counts are 360 exclusives? My answer: No, a pc is just a pc game. If game happens to be on Pc AND x360 then it is multiplat. No way around it. There is not such thing like "MS exclusive". PC is an open heterogeneous platform, devels dont pay royalties nor ask MS for game approval.

It's really sad when a group of talented workers are left out in the cold. Even if VA was not good, sure they gained a good experience at what they do. Lets hope the best for them.

Elven62994d ago

peacock1: When have I ever said the game was a Xbox 360 exclusive? Please do find it, I would love to see if I put these words in my mouth.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida2995d ago

Where is your messiah now xbots? LMFAO

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