Bethesda pushes the Wii tech envelope

Veteran Britsoft developer Archer MacLean on Nintendo tech...

Bethesda announced its latest game release this week, with legendary Britsoft developer Archer MacLean being brought on board to oversee the development of WheelSpin for the Nintendo Wii – described as "a futuristic and fun car racing game."

Before even seeing an early build of the game, it is clear that this is going to be a Wii project to keep an eye on over the coming months, purely because of the publishing and development talent involved.

Not to mention the fact that Archer is quoted on the press release announcement for the game claiming that it will push Nintendo's hardware "further than any other Wii racing game to date" with visuals that "rush past smoothly at 60 FPS in widescreen 480P mode."

TechRadar managed to catch up with Archer this week to ask him a little more about WheelSpin.

Archer MacLean: We set out to make an ultra fast and challenging racing game that pushed everything to the limit - the graphics capabilities of the Wii; the directness of the Wii remote; and the players ability to 'hang on' at speeds of up to 400mph, around some fairly surreal tracks....

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EvilTwin3217d ago

Well, if we're not gonna get F-Zero this gen...

qface643217d ago

so wait is this the wii game bethesda said they were working on for the wii? if so lame lol

shocky163217d ago

That looks terrible. I've seen better looking PS1 games.

Smacktard3217d ago

It definitely looks like Gamecube quality. Pathetic.

SinnedNogara3217d ago

Looks allright, but I was hoping for a shooter. Hope this sells well though.

Shnazzyone3217d ago

if it looks anything like Project Gotham did on the original Xbox then i might just check this out. In the meantime we will see if bethesda delivers

TheColbertinator3217d ago

I prefer an RPG from bethesda on the Wii but this might turn out good

3217d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.