Xbox|Insiders Trip To Microsoft's Christmas Media Showcase Event

""Ding Dong Merrily On Live…."

On the 29th of July we were fortunate enough to be invited, by Microsoft, to the "Microsoft Christmas Media Showcase", where we had the chance to preview a couple of upcoming 360 games, and a load of new windows 7 stuff.

So what is the "Microsoft Christmas Media Showcase"? I'm glad you asked my friend.

Microsoft, every year, throw this little event in London just a few twists and bends and it's around a 10-15 minute walk from King's Cross Train Station and it goes by the name of 'Microsoft's Christmas Media Showcase'. At this event, Microsoft gives you previews and demonstrations of all the new things that they are releasing this winter. You have a little guide to show you around the exhibits so you get to see everything and you get to speak and listen to the people who explain the product, there's a free bar and waiters/waitresses offering you some nibbly bits to eat. May we say thank you to whoever cooked those cocktail sausages….oh my god, you are a culinary genius."

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