Ars Technica: PS3 Slim all but official with leaks, rumors, and scans galore

The talk of a slimmed down version of the PlayStation has been around for a long time, with our favorite inside source laying down the timeline for the system as well as what would happen before the hardware's launch. It looks as if more and more of the prophecy is coming true, with a new mountain of evidence pointing towards the upcoming release of new PS3 hardware.

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forcefullpower3092d ago


This is getting a little ridiculous with all this PS3 slim and price drop. They have been saying this for the last year and has not happened yet. Why not just wait for them to announce something officially.

Which site do you reckon will claim we heard it first then claimed we had insider information. lol

Kyur4ThePain3092d ago


Every time the rumors get too hot and frequent, it's almost like Sony says "F you" and crawls back in its shell.

QSPR3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

the problem about this rumors is if ppl want to buy a PS3 and came to this site or any other,they read about the price cut,the gonna stop to buy it cuz they can get it for less money. we been almost year and a half with this rumors and look the decrease of PS3 sales.. I think what is hurting PS3 sales is not the price is this ridiculous rumors about price cut 3 times per week!!

PS. sorry about my english!

Trollimite3092d ago

now all we have to do is wait!

for some reason gamers arent to good at waiting

mfwahwah3092d ago

It's just been talk for the past year. Now it's a rumor. HUGE difference between speculation and rumor, even though it's seemingly a small difference.

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Biggunz3092d ago

I like how every blog, game review site, Joeblow on youtube now all have a "mole" on the inside feeding them info...

Carl14123092d ago

AT mole has never been wrong though, so they actually DO have a mole.

Rather than these other sites that just read gaf and then claim they have a mole that told them it

Roper3163092d ago

this is my biggest problems with all these rumor stories. This one even goes as far as to recommend waiting to buy a PS3 on nothing more then rumor & speculation.

JD_Shadow3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Yeah. Knowing Ars, I was expecting them to also say "we would rather you buy a 360 seeing as how we want you to think Sony is sh!t."

That was kind of irresponsible, if you ask me.

Close_Second3092d ago

...and the salesperson said they had none in stock and that Sony was not taking any more orders for the 80GB model.

This story seems to be being repeated all across New Zealand. Read what you might into that but all indications are either a new price or SKU (or both) being announced in the very near future.

Megaton3092d ago

THAT'S IT! ENOUGH! I'm all rumor'd out, cya guys on the 18th.

II Necroplasm II3092d ago

Rumor'd out huh? Might as well just leave N4G then.

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The story is too old to be commented.