EA Now Expecting Software Sales to Be Flat in '09

Back at E3 when we met with EA chief executive John Riccitiello, he told us that he expected software sales (as measured by NPD) to see growth in the low to mid single digits this year. Since then, however, the game industry has continued to struggle, posting four consecutive months of decline so far. Riccitiello has therefore changed his tune when it comes to software sales growth.

On the EA conference call following the publisher's Q1 results, Riccitiello commented on his outlook for the industry and retail environment: "This year through June packaged goods software sales were down 12% in North America, and we estimate minus 10% in Europe. Even though we expect tough compares in the June quarter, software sales were softer than expected, due in part to fewer hardware sales. In addition, we saw significant declines in the music category, which was down 52% with Rock Band having a particularly tough compare. As a result, for the calendar year we now expect packaged goods software sales to be flat year-over-year in North America and Europe combined."

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Pennywise3267d ago

Make a good game and we will buy it. Quit rehashing every game every year and we wont buy it. One day they will get it.

Johnny Rotten3267d ago

Brutal legend, Dragon Age, and the Saboteur are due this year and I can guarantee they won't bring in the amount of revenue that the yearly sports franchises do.

EA is actually one of the better publisher's out there now, remember Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Army of Two, Mass Effect, all original IP's.

Pennywise3267d ago

Dragon Age is looking good. I will buy games if they are good. Dead Space was a good game... AoT & ME were meh. ME wasn't really EA's doing... was it?

Johnny Rotten3267d ago

My bad EA only published the windows version, I know what your saying about the same re-hash of the sports (I'm assuming) but hey it's no difference then the COD series (as sad as it sounds yes COD is a series now).