The most annoying in-game advertising - Ever

Some of the better pieces of DLC available for the PS3 have been "WipEout HD's" 2.0 update and "Fury" additions. More on those later, too.

The "Fury" update not only brought "WipEout HD" some completely awesome gameplay changes, new tracks and ships, but also some of the worst in-game advertising, ever.

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Pandamobile3126d ago

Lol, and I thought BF 2142's ads were bad.

Nothing like seeing a billboard for Pelham 123 in a game set 133 years in the future during an ice-age.

FragMnTagM3126d ago

But at least they are not in your face on the loading screens. The last thing I want to look at on a loading screen is ads that have no connection with the game whatsoever.

Biggunz3126d ago

The loading screen ad has been removed.

Cwalat3126d ago

Are you guys really that picky about ingame ads?

Can't you just ignore them?

Pandamobile3125d ago

It's one thing when they fit in. But when you're in a post-iceage setting with movie posters, it really doesn't make sense and can can get distracting.

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