Lens of Truth: Ghostbusters Flash Review

Lens of Truth writes, "After all the commotion we caused with our Head2Head of this game, who thought we would ever return to it? Terminal Reality wasn't too happy with what we found technically within their PS3 version of this game, but let us see what they brought to the table gameplay wise. Check out this Flash Review to see if Ghostbusters can live up to its blockbuster movie namesake or only seem like half a game, similar to their PS3 texture resolutions."

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Kiroe3126d ago

Playing through this game right now. So far I am liking it. I just wish they would have toned down some of the effects and physics. Their Inferno Engine just can't handle it. Tons of slowdown and tearing make it hard on the eyes.

RudeSole Devil3125d ago

A least you reviewed the better version!!