The internet's hottest PS3 rumours: debunked

Summer, as ever, means 'crazy season' for PS3 news; turning games aggregation sites like N4G or NewsNow into a lucky dip of wishful speculation, extreme (and mostly contrary/gently insane) opinions and raving banality about screen resolutions 'dipping to 600p', and the like. Some rumours, however, refuse to die, so PSM3 thought they'd weigh in with their thoughts on the issues 'du jour', as they don't say in France, like PS3 Slim, GT5's release date and 'Batman-gate'.

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Cwalat3092d ago

All eyes will be on Sony's conference on August 18th. (or is it 19th?)

Most certainly, they will release a PS3 slim.

Hopefully, they'll announce it in the best way imaginable... with a GT5 bundle.

kharma453092d ago

The fact that Sony have 3 hour press conference scheduled must point to big, big things coming, like GT5 and the much rumoured PS3 slim.

Afreelunch3092d ago

I think I just started getting excited for Gran Turismo 5.

Aclay3092d ago

Regardless if GT5 comes out this year or not, I have a pretty good feeling that it will finally get dated and there will be live demonstrations of the game at either GamesCon or at TGS, and that alone will be satisfying for me.

With both MAG and Heavy Rain being delayed to next year, it would seem that those delays would open up a hole for another game for Late 2009 like GT5, so maybe a 2009 release will happen.

At first I was thinking that GT5 would come out in Japan first, but I literally just found out that GT Mobile is hitting the U.S. and Europe a week before the Japanese release, so hopefully that means that GT5 will be released Worldwide within the same time frame.