High Voltage wants to make a sequel to The Conduit

The Conduit has been on store shelves for a few weeks now and has received mostly a positive reaction. It's not the highest rated title rated for Wii nor is it the best-selling title on the platform, but most gamers probably wouldn't be opposed to seeing a sequel. High Voltage Software has expressed some interest in the past regarding more games for The Conduit's storyline, and, well, if you played the first game, you know that the ending leaves for the door wide open for another title. Fortunately, it looks like High Voltage still has plans for at least one sequel to The Conduit.

In a recent Radio-Blodec podcast, HVS' producer Joshua Olsen was first asked about the amount of sales needed for the company to create a sequel. We have the translated response below:

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knox3274d ago

if they want to thats cool but they gotta fix a crapload of things for the next one

EvilTwin3274d ago

They have all the basics up. The graphics, controls and online were all good, so the tech is there.

Now they have to get some better art direction and integrate the story a bit better.

N4g_null3274d ago

I would like to see a lot of things but I'm not going to list them LOL. I'm not making this game but I would like a little more speed though there is almost no way to get away from some of these guys! LOL

Well I will say one thing... it seems they have not looked at BSP culling too much.. that along would let them add way more geometry to their level or maps. You should not be able to see corridors or rooms that are hidden when some one dies while you are spec-ing them.

I'm sure they will fix that and I would love to see them stream their textures for some things.

They should let you use your miis also just so you can be stupid LOL.

Shnazzyone3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

When I tried to run that video it told me I wasn't over 15 despite me putting in the year 1982. So i guess i couldn't watch it... Am i the only one this is happening to?

EDIT: Nevermind it worked after I reloaded the page. Now for the new question. What does the video have to do with the story. It's basicly a UK Nintendo channel ad. Funny though. I just don't get why everyone is standing while they play the game.

On topic. I think a sequel is expected. They did have a cliffhanger ending. I just hope they make it twice as good the second time around and max out everything and improve the storytelling.

sinncross3274d ago


same thing just happened to me!

Casanova19743274d ago

The single player was good but not great. If they make another then they need to get some tips from COD WAW on the Wii. I didnt care for the multi in The Conduit. It felt too Arcade like to me, it feels less tactical than cod waw and when you walk or run it feels too floaty imo. No going Prone, No Hit Detection. And the biggest beef I had with it was when you entered multi. most players picked Alien Weapons over Conventional Weapons and it turned out to be a Star Wars Frag Fest Light Show lol. I'll Stick with COD WAW till they fix these things in the Sequel.

N4g_null3274d ago

Casanova1974 you sound like you want to play COD then you should play that Activision is bring it to the wii also, don't know if it will be as good as HVS's game but I like lasers and lights as long as they kill. Sniper rifles and shotguns and rocket launchers get old.

Another thing I'm noticing is HVS was right people really do like the COD realism thing and don't like the alien metroid stuff... Hmmmm Yet I think metroid online would have sold like free tickets to heaven.

I really wish I could run faster though and get momentum like quake. Hey but maybe I should play quake? I could do the same thing in golden eye though... maybe they should let us vote on the speed also. Another thing is if you don't want to see the laser show then maybe you can toggle than on and off in game with the ASE, that would actually be cool and it would addd to the game play.

I'm not sure what you mean by arcade like though... All FPS shooter are arcade like.. if you want socom then hell no! it's coming to the PS3 play that their... Or did those guys close down too? Not sure... But it sounds like you want more realism. That would be understandable in a game about that only but I'm not sure what prone would do for you in the conduit... you can not really hide and on top of that their is not foliage LOL. Prone has always been lame too me and tends to be for people that believe they are not good at movement in these games.

G4drake3274d ago