100 mods you should be playing for Oblivion

To this day, many people still play Oblivion, and it's because players of the game are able to refresh the game every six months or so through a slew of quality mods that add plenty of content to the game.

With that in mind, Hellforge has decided to compiled and recommend 100 of the best must-have mods to enrich the Oblivion experience for any player.

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gamesR4fun3267d ago

Havnt played this in a while but ill prob load up some of these new mods n give it another go. Maybe gta SA too man i love mods esp total conversion ones cause its like a whole new game. XD

StillGray3267d ago

I've been playing Oblivion on and off for the past few years and this list of mods has definitely managed to pull me back into the game. I wouldn't be able to play the game without some of these. They're way better than the vanilla experience.

bmw693267d ago

Oblivion is an amazing game!