Time Crisis 4 Coming To PS3 And 360

Through the wire, rumours are heating up over a wireless handgun that will come bundled with the release of Time Crisis 4, not only for the PS3 but also the Xbox 360(no Wii version is currently planned). Although no images of the wireless gun(Guncon)have yet been revealed, the "birds" are stating that the gun will be sweet.


"Time Crisis 4 will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 complete with a pretty sweet wireless gun, so say little, dirty birds. However, no Wii version is currently planned.

-- Matt"

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Havince4249d ago

i just wonna play a gun game on a hdtv itl be like an arcade machine in ya home

gta_cb4249d ago

yeh it would be pretty cool, but i doubt i will get it.

BIadestarX4249d ago

What this game an PS exclusive last Gen? I had this game for the PS2. But since I didn't have a Xbox I have no idea if it never made it from any console other than the PS2.

jahcure4249d ago

If this game was in the arcade then it couldn't be an exclusive on the ps2. But to answer your questions about other consoles, i have no clue. LOL. This one will not be a top seller so it will make a lot of sense to make it multi.

Bathyj4249d ago

I'm just wondering about the gun. Guncons dont work on LCD's.

artman4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

yeah, if we can see the situation now... only wii that capable to play this game using a wiimote...
I also wondering how to play guncon on HDTV or LCD? I'm not sure sixaxis is can use for guncon... more even on 360, except they had created a new type of guncon that work on LCD... is not even working on a flat SDTV/tube
it's been an old tech of guncon we have been using until now... since NINTENDO... it's like 1980s
I still remember playing those duck hunting~

sajj3164249d ago

time we not be surprised by games going multiplatform. Glad its going multi. More fun across the board for more gamers.

THAMMER14249d ago

I played that game so much I still have flashbacks today. This is great news now off to pre order.

As far as the gun not working that is crazy. They ship with sensor strips like the Wii. GAME ON

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The story is too old to be commented.