1UP: Hey Covers, You Suck! Part 5: Even more of the worst videogame box art

1UP's Scott Sharkey writes,

"Believe it or not, people who spend their lives immersed in the giddy glee of videogame website editing have bad days. Contrary to popular assumption, however, we don't have hot tubs, wet bars, hookers, or even a functional soda machine in the office to make our burdens more bearable. What we do have is a library full of almost thirty years worth of video games, fully half of which have ludicrously awful cover art. In the absence of an in house masseuse they do a passable job of relieving the crushing stress of daily existence.

Just screwing with you. I wrote this in the hot tub. On waterproof hooker-based paper. With alcoholic ink from a genetically engineered hooker squid. Can you believe we get paid to do this?"

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