Trademark Claims Sony Is Working On A PlayStation Rewards Program

According to a recent trademark for P.S. Thanks, probably short for PlayStation Thanks, it seems that way. The trademark filed by Sony Computer Entertainment is for use with an "incentive rewards program" which identifies and motivates the top consumer base.

There are a number of ways Sony could incentivize their customer base. They could hand out points for each item purchased and reward frequent buyers with PlayStation products sort of like Club Nintendo. Or they could quantify top players by skill via trophies and reward them. The latter seems less likely since they're targeting the "top consumer base" or in other words top purchasers.

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himdeel3243d ago

...via PSN for the number of trophies you have I might just pass out.

PirateThom3243d ago

There was rumour of them doing that ages ago.

It would be cool if trophies actually meant something rather than just a number.

Maddens Raiders3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Sony is determined to show the world why they dominated the last two console wars. It's time to pull out all the stops -- hell why not announce that they're bringing back "dad"?

Cwalat3242d ago

[email protected]

That would be awesome... Like for every Platinum... you'll get 2 buck discount on any game in PS store.

Blaster_Master3242d ago

How bout cross game chat? I would rather them work hard on that first.

Elvfam5113242d ago

I rather have a way to get games free with trophies then cross game chat

-Mezzo-3242d ago

It would be marvelous.

Blaster_Master3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

wow, I love the way that Sony caters to people like you. You know, the people that expect everything to be free. Wanna know why Sony doesn't wanna have a price drop? Its because they know there are nothing but broke mo fo's in this world that expect to take advantage of the system. Yet they still cater to you? All I can say is,,, wow.

@ Ject. Who said anything about xbox live? Oh you did. my bad. They need to add cross game chat. People with friends want it. I understand that unsociable people such as yourself wouldn't care. But I got 40 people on my friends list that they would even pay to have the service. But since you brought up xbox live, that would be a great model to follow.

Jecht3242d ago

Oh yeah, as opposed to paying good money for downtime, updates that render your console useless for sometimes weeks, and the oh-so cultured and intelligent Xbox Live community. Why, with all that, why wouldn't we want to pay for it? /sarcasm

Carl14123242d ago

If they reward people who buy a lot, i think i'm quids in. I've spent over £400 on the PSN this year.

Toenado3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Your comment is stupid. I for one have a ton of friends but will not need to use cross game chat. Not needing cross game chat does not make you unsociable. Also to be rewarded for having many trophies you would have to spend a ton of money to get the trophies in the first place. So it would be more like frequent flier miles.

FunAndGun3242d ago

rewards for trophies would be bad ass...but I don't think that would happen.

If it is a reward program it would only be for game purchases. I could rent games all day and be at trophy level 20, but how does that help Sony in any way? They would only reward you for buying their games, not just playing them.

Elvfam5113242d ago

you do know that Qore gave away free games right to the people that subscribe

and your truly an idiot in order to get trophies you NEED TO BUY GAMES

Jecht3242d ago

When you bring up cross game chat, you are talking about Live.

It isn't needed, Cross Game chat is a luxury. And you see, only 360 fanbots resort to insults and jabs when Live is criticized, so congrats on showing your fanboyism. Pardon me for not wanting to pay money for useless features like cross game chat. Why would I want to hear someone talk about how drunk they got last night instead of focusing on the game? 'cause 9 times out of 10, people aren't chatting about the game. Where it matters, i.e. being able to play a game online, PSN is superior to Live because not only is it free, but it's virtually lag free and doesn't have prepubescent children saying f*ck every 3 seconds 'cause they think they're "tough".

mfwahwah3242d ago

Eric Lempel was asked about people with high PSN levels getting rewarded for their efforts in an issue of Playstation the Official Magazine last summer. He basically said it wasn't being worked on officially atm, but that they did have plans and would do something in the future if they could.

I, for one, am not surprised. I knew this would come (ESPECIALLY since SONY would want to compete with MS's achievements...)

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jack_burt0n3243d ago

I like the idea of free psn vouchers for reaching certain trophy levels for the hardcore. And def home items to reflect what trophy level u are @.

ColossiSlayer3243d ago

PThom is right, I think Sony has been working on this for awhile.

presto7173243d ago

Sony has really been upping their game recently.

Competitors and haters beware!!

N4PS3G3242d ago

jeez..i wonder what's that icon on my new xbox NXE update that says Awards ;)

nahh i must be dreaming!

MGOelite3242d ago

if trophies = money for psn games that would be amazing

Lou-Cipher3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

They need to use the Trophy Level Bar for real prizes.

Get to Level 5: get a free movie rental on PSN
Get to level 10: get a free $5 PSN game
Get to level 50: get a HD TV

ect ect

Sorta like Marlboro Miles/Camel Cash, but using the trophy level instead of cutting pieces of cardboard off of a cig box.

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