Eight Toys That Should Never, Under Any Circumstances, Be Turned Into Videogames

Now, almost a decade into the new millennium, it seems anything can become a movie or a videogame or a TV show or a hit pop/rock song. Yes, it's official: The world is completely out of ideas. And when the world is out of ideas, the world drinks more alcohol and turns nostalgic and begins to steal ideas from the past. That way, instead of inventing anything new (which is very, very, very hard), it can take some known property and pretend to give it some gravitas. And then it can go back to drinking its beloved alcohol.

Crispy Gamer is full-time gamers, but they're also part-time activists. They want to protect the past from being exploited by the future alcohol quaffers. Thus, here's a list of toys that Crispy Gamer has declared totally off-limits, and shipped to an undisclosed location in New Jersey so that the world never has to endure their inevitable videogame tie-ins.

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