The way of the five-hit sword combo - Flytrap Games

Flytrap writes: "How many ninjas does it take to slaughter a samurai army, free the captives and make off with the gold? One, if you're good enough.

Ninja loses a lot of points for being the most unimaginatively titled game ever, but wins them back by letting you kick people in the face. Move left and right with the arrow keys, chain attacks with "1" and "2", jump with space bar, and throw shuriken with "D". So many options, so little time.

Duffing up the bad guys gets you experience points - armor, strength and speed upgrades, for the purposes of. It's quite similar to Yan Loong Legend 2 and Shadow Brute."

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dirigiblebill3149d ago

Runs a bit slow at times, but good fun.

Edwin853149d ago

The joss stick is a bit awesome, innit.

Nice game, reminds me of Golden Axe.

leper6413149d ago

Makes Ryu Hayabusa look like a pansy!!! LOL

-Mezzo-3149d ago

Runs Slow for me. too.