Monster Hunter 3 sells 583,000 copies in 2 days

Famitsu has posted a list of the top ten best-selling games of the week in Japan, which ranges from July 27 to August 2. Alongside that chart, first week sales numbers for Monster Hunter 3 have been divulged.

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knox3186d ago

damn, thats an amazing start

kunit22c3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Im glad that Capcom is getting so much support it looks like a great game! and i will definitely be going to get this! but i do have a question, does it support WiiSpeak? Im also glad that High Voltage is getting alot of support 71,000 in the first 4 days thats a pretty good start. Although this is quite a bit more lol :P

IrishRepublicanArmy3186d ago

so it will struggle to hit a million!

ZombieNinjaPanda3186d ago


I wouldn't be surprised if it easily passes 1 million. This is monster hunter we're talking about.

IrishRepublicanArmy3186d ago

they had the same opening on ps2 and didnt hit a million!
its on psp that its huge!

SinnedNogara3186d ago

Who said that Wii games don't sell????????

Anyway I hope the review scores come in good, and the release here is just as good.

El_Colombiano3186d ago

"Who said that Wii games don't sell????????"

I say Wii games don't sell (except for 1st party "games"). This is Monster Hunter. Don't get it twisted, this is a one time thing.

Pekka3186d ago

Only very few games in Japan reaches 1 million in sales. Remember, Japan has only 1/3 of the population of USA. So 1 million would still be great sales. It's much less that DQ9 but it is the biggest game of the year, even much bigger than FF13 (it is impossible for FF13 to sell more than DQ9, even reaching 2 million in Japan would be improbable). With 1 million it could even top 10 sales of the year in Japan.

GameGambits3186d ago

I was kinda expecting more to be quite honest. It took like 14 days for DQIX to sell 3.2 million units so here's hoping MH3 can do the same or close to.

N4g_null3186d ago

El_Colombiano define sale? This is good and when it comes to the west I think more people will be picking this game up also. I don't play the psp version but I'll be playing the Wii version... It may take time but it seems to really be a quality game from what I've seen.

Also this is a lot for the console version on a console where tHD gamers claimed that the Wii does not have the PS2 audience aka the hardcore gamer...

Like some one said above me it sold the same amount on the PS2 and did not hit a million... And to that person I'd say no one would buy it on the PS2 because it looked like trash, seriously why do you think even nintendo is surprised at capcom effort.

On top of this More people know why it is fun to play so I expect it to sell a lot more and possibly more to people who did not buy it on the psp.

Mini Mario3185d ago

Well that brings down the whole "no core gamers" on the wii arguments.

PROOF generic FPS's are not the only thing "core" gamers play.

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Myst3186d ago

Well there is only one way to settle this...

*Goes and freezes myself in the snow until next year.*

Someone unfreeze me when Tri comes out.

Gr813186d ago

There was an article talking about Wii's core audience not showing up...well there goes that theory.

3186d ago
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