FNR4 sells 1.7 mil, is EA's best rated title of the year so far

TVGB: "With a current Metacritic average of 87 (360) and 88 (PS3), Fight Night Round 4 is a critical success. In fact, "It is our highest rated title so far this year," Eric Brown, EA's Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President mentioned during the company's Q1 earnings call yesterday. And those positive reviews have translated into sales as the latest iteration in the boxing franchise has sold over 1.7 million copies since its June launch."

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xztence3213d ago

EA got owned by THQ this year with UFC undisputed, >>IMO<< the better game. funny to see EA quickly announce they also have a mma game in development right after.

mrblacknut3213d ago

They announced the MMA game at E3 this year.

FragMnTagM3212d ago

I liked UFC, until the dudes looked like they were humping each other on the ground and I quickly stuck it back in its sleeve and sent it on its way back to Gamefly.

Cwalat3212d ago

xztence @

MMA was announced at E3 but it had been in development for about 6 months before that.

Gamer_Politics3212d ago

now EA has to fix all the bugs/glitches