Analysis : PC gaming -- Trying to make a connection

Phill Cameron on Gamasutra writes:

"Have the games kept growing while the tech remains the same? In this opinion column, writer Phill Cameron looks at the technical pitfalls surrounding how PC gamers play -- or don't play -- together."

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Pandamobile3213d ago

Games for Windows LIVE needs to crawl in to a corner and die. It's brought nothing but problems for us PC gamers. I can't even play GTA IV online any more because it won't let me log in to my LIVE account.

I'm sure every PC gamer will agree with me when I say that Steam needs to become the standardized hub for PC gaming.

Steam is the perfect tool for connecting people and friends online. It's fast, simple, reliable and best of all, you can buy games off Steam for cheaper than retail.

The largest publishers and developers already support Steam (EA, Activision, THQ, Codemasters, 2K Games, Bethesda, Capcom, Eidos, iD Software, Ubisoft, and of course Valve itself.

Steam is already leading the digital content revolution. With 20 Million Steam users, it's going to be here a looooong time.