Halo, Is it going to far?

We all know Halo, We all love Halo, but is Microsoft killing the franchise with all of the Halo themed accessories?

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-Mezzo-3269d ago

don't you mean HALO was awesome.

Rockstar3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

1. Is Halo going TOO far?
2. Blaster Master was an awesome game as well.

JOLLY13269d ago

Blaster Master is still awesome! I just played it last week.

ShabzS3269d ago

halo is awesome ... i cant get mad at bungie and mgs ... those guys rock at what they do

Tony P3269d ago

No, it is not going too far.

I don't care how much people dislike or feel the game is overrated, it is a gold title and an exceptionally popular one. MS is no different from anyone else to exploit it.

Didn't Sony just secure a deal for a bunch of LBP merchandise?

Too far?

I can go down to an enthusiasts shop and get the collected Metal Gear Solid comic series, UDON's Street Fighter comics, Sonic the Hedgehog comics, a few Mario action figures, the Warcraft card game, a Final Fantasy bottlecap opener, a pair of Dragon Quest mittens, a Tetris tie, and a Pac-Man shirt that says "I scored in the 80s".

Please, stop pretending Halo is somehow worse for cashing in on its fame like damn near all of its contemporaries.

Syronicus3269d ago

They release a Halo themed Barbie and Ken in full Cortana and Master Chief gear in indecent poses.

Chubear3269d ago

It's a product. You're in business to sell a product. If it sells... sell it!

To a group of people who are staunchly tied to games and the gaming industry it can be seen as a low move, a showing of nonchalantness of the developers to keep a certain art piece as authentic as possible but in business, it's just straight simple business.

poindat3269d ago

...But anyway, it hasn't gone too far, not yet at least. Personally, I feel that it is hyped beyond belief, when there are honestly better games out there. The cheap branding of Halo on a multitude of entirely unrelated items is unnecessary and annoying, but I haven't seen it to a terrible extent.

Bottom line, if you want to play Halo... play it and do no more. I don't think anybody wants to walk into your house, admire your Halo boxers and settle down for a nice game of Halo monopoly.

(Before anybody flames me for disliking Halo, know what I have thoroughly played all 3 games - single and multiplayer.)

3269d ago
GameForFame3269d ago

Christ, can't people use proper grammar in this day and age?

MerkinMax3268d ago

Only purchase the Halo games that have Bungie on the box.

Bnet3433268d ago

I don't think so. They are trying to make it like Star Wars. Star Wars had a lot of things besides just movies.

Shepherd 2143268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

You may as well ask if Star Wars has gone too far over the past 30 years. If theres a demand for lots of spin offs and merchandise, why not? Halo is becoming a large, expansive universe just like Star Wars. Theres nothing wrong with appealing to the kids with merchandise and giving the hardcore players a bang for their buck with ODST and Reach coming out soon. I'll be thoroughly enjoying both.

Im not however looking forward to the new Halo anime called Legends, because i hate anime.

DevastationEve3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Far is not a place so Halo can't go "to" it. It's actually paradoxical, since to go "to" far would mean that Halo goes where no other games have gone before...:)

So anyway, no Halo isn't going "too" far either. Only two games so far have been released, with another two confirmed so far this gen.

There were 5 Tomb Raider games in the 32bit era alone, one of which was a DreamCast game (and don't forget the PC expansions). Resident Evil had 3 core games and then the Gun Survivor series in the 32bit gen as well, plus only a year or so after 3 they had Code Veronica on DreamCast. Crash had 3 core games plus Crash Bash and Crash Team Racing, and it should be noted that Spyro went through 3 games as well. Street Fighter Alpha had 3 games during the 3bit era.

Speaking of expansions, look at the The Sims! Everquest!! Don't tell ME that Sony wasn't milking EQ...

So no, Halo isn't going too far.

edit at edgeofblade below:

They may take our bubbles but they'll never take our freedom :)

Hang in there!

likedamaster3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Wow, this article FAILED right out the gate!

And no, it hasn't gone TOO far. More Halo please.

edgeofblade3268d ago

I love my Halo, but I think the Halo DVD game went too far. Read some reviews of it. It's completely luck and no strategy.

I'm ok with Halo Wars and Halo Risk. But for heaven's sake... slapping Halo on something does not make a good game. I don't like the Halo name if it isn't accompanied by an appropriately engaging game.

...Fans of the truth, please help... I got murdered by PSN defenders for speaking the truth. I need some bubbles.

SL1M DADDY3268d ago

edgeofblade and truth do not go hand in hand. You lost your bubbles because you acted in the worst ways.

As for Halo, yeah, it has been whored out too much already and they need to take a step away from the franchise for a bit and give it room to breath.

joemayo763268d ago

the key word u mentioned is an "enthusiast shop", they specialize in selling that type of stuff. the Halo brand can be found literally EVERYWHERE!!! hell go to wal-mart you find Halo boxers and PJs as well as the board games and toys hell i saw Halo blankets at a flea market where i get my watches cleaned and repaired, something you wont find for MGS or Street fighter (not saying theses brands arent being exploited btw). Altho personally it doesn't bug me that they are milking the franchise as i don't see myself ever buying that stuff. However i do find it funny as there was a quote by a MSFT rep sometime ago when the DVD game was released where they said they would only release Halo themed products in a manner that does the franchise justice. :\

Oh well as long as they keep making the games fun to play online i'm cool

jav09183268d ago

is POKEMON going too far??? see what i did there?

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-Mezzo-3269d ago

I agree, Halo Games,Movies ,Comics, Board games, Halo Pron, and tons of other stuff i am not aware off. it's dead.

presto7173269d ago

I thought Halo 3's theme was "Finish the fight" or something like that. Wasnt that supposed to be the end?

Guess not. Probably cuz M$ knows there are people out there that will buy anything with the letters H.A.L.O. on it.

Tsk tsk tsk...

borgome3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Why don't you come and play some Halo 3 so I can tea bag your dumb @ss. Woooo!

kagon013269d ago

Its even in the fecal products... XD

PS360WII3269d ago

It's only going to far when it stops working.

Godmars2903269d ago

No, its too late to fix it once it stops working.

cheapndirty3269d ago

Where is my dang cart game I have been waiting for?

Bnet3433268d ago

Microsoft said they won't do that. They won't take the Mario route.

TheAntiFanboy3268d ago

Damn it, my dreams of a Grifball game are ruined!

likedamaster3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Pic won't upload. Darn.

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Omega43269d ago

Halo is an easy way for MS to make money, so Halo will never die it will live on as long as the xbox brand exists.

I dont understand why no one moans about Mario, look how much merchandise that has, it even has its on cartoon series

Saaking3269d ago

Exactly, Halo is to Xbox as GT is to Playstation and Mario to Nintendo.

PS360WII3269d ago

0.o not sure where you're looking because they do just like with Madden, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, GT, and most of the other more than 5 game franchises

chewmandinga3269d ago

I thought we all agreed that the new Sony mascot was Sackboy dressed up as Snake, surrounded by Blu-Ray stickers?

pure pwnage243269d ago

You see Halo shirts, whatever xbot wheres a shirt like that has no life I mean I don't use like Killzone or uncharted or Gran Turismo or God of War shirts?

borgome3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

That's because those garbage games you listed weren't responsible for professional gaming on ESPN. MLG has Halo to thank for its sucess, although you're a PS3tUrd so you've probably never heard of MLG.

Saaking3269d ago

MLG is a joke. Why don't they play games that take actual skill instead of Gaylo?

pure pwnage243269d ago

MLG is nothing hut advertisement time by Microsoft

they never play games that take skill,they should play games like Rainbow six, that takes more skill than most every FPS these days

one mistake and your done

pure pwnage243269d ago

I'm glad, but theres no reason for them to play Gears 2 either

check out this video

KionicWarlord2223268d ago

lol...that was hilarious.

Gears of war still good though.

pure pwnage243268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

I never said there wasn't any, and this just proves my point, how many times do you see people with Halo shirts compared to the ones you just posted?

JonnyBadfinger3268d ago

I cant play halo seriously anymore due to MLG kiddies running around rampant, the skill level is way too high for me, so i find myself falling back to CoD where i can be host and GOD it up with my 3.15 KD.

MLG ruined Halo for me, NO one seems to play it for fun anymore. I mean i deliberately betray 1 retard and the entire team turns on me... WHY!? Im enjoying myself at the expense of others..... is that a crime?

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