Loud 360 Drives

GWN investigates which DVD drive is included in the new Xbox 360 Elite console, and explains how you can tell which version you have.

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nice_cuppa4248d ago

constant anti xbox stuff !

i see this and know its a large factor as i have all three systems and see it all too often !

how about turn up the volume of the GAME or use headphones if the sound of the drive is a problem to you !

or get a ps3 or wii if its a problem to you !

XxZxX4248d ago

can't take the heat? No problem, you know what you should do?
Find an article about how PS3 gonna die and post it. No worry It will get approved so fast too.

nice_cuppa4248d ago

i dont know what you mean by that !

maybe flow and bud has ruined my brain !

consolewar4248d ago

only PSdrones that post this cr*p, not. Wake up boy this is N4G(fanboy heaven)
BTW have you seen what Themart usually posts?

nice_cuppa4247d ago

im just a gamer i dont get upset about consoles !

BrianC62344247d ago

Why would anyone want an Elite? It's really noisy and almost as much as the far superior PS3. For a little more money you can get a PS3 that looks nice and doesn't even make any noise. Noise does matter to most people. If you're watching a movie you don't want to have to blast the sound up just so you don't hear the 360 running.

mcintosh2334247d ago

"what was that? can't hear you" guy one
"wha, speak louder"
"wait i'll just turn off my xbox so i can hear you..... HOLLY SMOKES whats that a tornado, you shoulda told me man "

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Inasid4248d ago

As noted by earlier reports of this story, the title is very misleading and does not match the source.

weekapaugh4248d ago

So some of the elites still have the loud drive in it??? Man that is pathetic.

omansteveo4248d ago

These drives arent issues at all and consumers don't care. I manage a retail Game store and not a single person complains about this so called "ISSUE"

XxZxX4248d ago

at 3.1, Yeah, I manage those who manage retail Game store and non of them give me the feedback too. They just said premium sell better than Elite.

shotty4248d ago

Honestly I have a launch xbox 360 and the sound isnt even that loud. The only time you even notice it is when you are in the dashboard. It similar to a PC. The noice is a tiny bit louder than the ps3 when it has its disc spinning.

The thing is that the xbox 360 switches speeds, like 1 instance its spinning 10 000 RPM loading a game then it'll go quite and then if you get to another load scene it revs back up and thats when people notice it. If it was at max the whole time people wouldn't notice it. I think Oblivion was like this where it streamed at a decent speed and once in a while it would rev to max.

Firewire4247d ago

You bots trying to make it like the sound isn't a problem are lame!
I guess you have all gone deaf from the loud whirling 360!
This thing is supposed to be the "Elite" you would think MS gave a crap, but apparently not!
Another fine example of MS screwing their customers!
For almost $500, you think MS would at least attempt to improve the

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omansteveo4248d ago

This is really ridiculous seriously i have a 360 and i don't notice any noise when im playing games its not un bearable while your playing games or even watching movies for that matter and im not walking around yelling bc its sooooo loud. This is crap not news and how it gets approved i don't know im a huge fan of games and go here to read about new ones coming out and reviews of new releases. This is neither. This site approves this kinda crap WHY? bc it gets them traffic.

power0919994248d ago

It has to be give and take.

You want a Super powerful jet engine? Sure we can do that.
Oh.... and you want it whisper quite..... mmmmm k.

May be a bad analogy but I guess it gets my point across.

Basically if you want fast read access on the drive, you have to give in a bit and say I will give up sound for speed.

Meh... my .02, my 360 is kinda loud but it don't bother me.

Rockstar4247d ago

Kind of bad analogy.

My PS3 is whisper quiet.

Anyway, I figure i'll get an elite in the fall so it will have the new chip and hopefully the quiet drive.

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The story is too old to be commented.