Challenge: The Automyth, Or Automated Monomyth

In his latest distinctive Gamasutra opinion piece, Reset Generation/Pocket Kingdom co-creator Scott Foe explains the Campbell monomyth, and challenges designers to... automate it?

Scott Foe: "There I was, in what had to have been the first-ever public speaking stump in my professional career: Hackers 2001, an invite-only support-group for people who suffer from rules-allergies, hidden away in the Californian cranny of Yosemite. I really shouldn't have been so nervous, seeing as most of the attendees were gorging on ganj and/or hugging the hops from morning onward.

(Perhaps I was nervous because I was possibly the only one there in Yosemite who was not "high on nature," having been, at that time, a not-so-proud member of court-ordered rehab, due to a tiny misunderstanding that had occurred at a Paul Oakenfold show in Fresno earlier that Summer: The tiny misunderstanding being that I thought that a seven thousand dollar lawyer would do more than advise, "Plead guilty.")"

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