Heavenly Sword demo is super-confirmed

This is a little piece of news that should make everybody happy. Ninja Theory's upcoming super-sexy-cool slash-'em-up and beat-'em-down title, Heavenly Sword, has a demo on the way.

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kingofps34246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Glad to see news of a demo coming soon. But, the part that the "resolution and framerate right now: 720p @ 30fps" will hopefully improve. Anyways, surely the folks at Ninja Theory can do better than the people at Bungie Studios’s HALO 3 style 720P, 30 frames idea.

Halonator4246d ago

isn't that where it will stay...the res and FR

kingofps34246d ago

Gamers must be able to play BEYOND at 60 frames and 1080P resolution for the ultimate experience.

kingofps34246d ago

Are you feeling well today, Miss Halonator? Hope you are. Anyways, games at 60 frames and 1080P = happy gamers. Games at 720P, 30 frames = Mostly HALO3 fans. hahaha

techie4246d ago

No. HS was confirmed as 720p when it was first announced. Why? BEcause their pulling out effects that aren't really seen in other games. Also 30fps isn't all bad as long as it is solid 30fps....which is quite a feet when you have 3000enemies you're fighting on screen at the same time. Ninja Gaiden Sigma can do 1080p 60fps as it has hardly any AA, and there aren't many enemies on screen at the same time.

Also 30fps can be more cinematic as films are filmed in 24fps.

720p, 30fps is how it will stay.

Satanas4246d ago

Although I do like games in 1080p/60fps (to get the most out of my TV, and to have the game fast paced), the frames at 30 are typically good for First Person Shooters (not referring to HS), and running at 720p is probably better for developing some games. I think Halo 3 will be good regardless of what res it's in.

Though I do think HS will probably be in 1080p, which would be great. I haven't been following the game's news very closely so I don't know what resolution it'll be in.

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Sevir044246d ago

this is just freakin good to here. Sexiness in a thong + gruely and saditsic beat'em up, hits the ps3 in a combo where 2 great things just are better together. thats perfect it's God of war meets the thong Song. all hotness across the board. Nariko makes beat'em up look sexy. i cant wait for that game or the demo. toss it here sony. Rachel is already trying to steal your shine. cant wait we need more highly anticipated games to drop and some demo's to hold us over.

DJ4246d ago

720p is fine by me. The game looks amazing (especially Nariko's improved hair)

chavafx4246d ago

but dont worry sony fans .sony always delivers what they promised??? like motor storm urbest rasing game ever resitance fell of man the best shooter ever kill zone 2 cg video dual hdmi 120 fps grafix like movies quallity or beyond we shipped 6 millions ps3 wold wide and we are sold out

Why o why4246d ago

get a life. your partner probably ses the same thing (to the other hand)

MetalProxy4246d ago

Learn how to spell man so we can take you more seriously. There is spell check I see...

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The story is too old to be commented.