Sarbakan to Develop Original Titles for 360/PC

Sarbakan, one of Canada's largest independent game studios, today announced a first-party developer agreement with Microsoft to create an original downloadable title for Xbox LIVE® Arcade, the premier destination for digitally distributed, downloadable games. With over ten years of experience in white label game creation, Sarbakan plans to expand its attention towards original IP development for the PC and Console Market.

"At Sarbakan, we are committed to providing players with the best gaming experience possible," said Guy Boucher, President and Creative Director of Sarbakan. "We look forward to working with Microsoft, a company who shares our passion for creating highly immersive quality games."

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Roper3163394d ago

That is what I feel MS should be investing it's money in instead of DLC and junk like that. Good move MS you can never have enough 1st party support!

nycredude3394d ago

Technically it's second party support. 1st party means it is a fully owned subsidiary or corporation of MS.