Bit-Tech: Top 10 Games Based On Movies

Hollywood doesn't have a great reputation when it comes collaborating with game developers – pretty much every film that's ever been based on a game has been forgettable dross at best.

The failings aren't just one-way though; common opinion holds that nearly every game that's ever been based on a movie has been poorly received too. From Sega's Iron Man game last year to the irredeemably awful Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game, it seems that the world of films and games are just destined to never really mesh.

At least, that's what the developers of the really bad games would have you believe anyway, what with their excuses about deadline pressures and the requirement to stay close to the plot of the movie. Contrary to popular opinion though there are some decent games based on films – they're just that little bit rarer and harder to find than the bad ones.

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