IGN UK: Ashes Cricket 2009 Review

But for its several shortcomings, Ashes 2009 plays a convincing and highly enjoyable game of cricket. Its greatest success is in managing the balancing act between bowling and batting – a hurdle at which many cricket games fall, but one that's deftly dealt with by developers Transmission. The languid charm of a full test is captured well, making it the ideal game to while away lazy summer afternoons, while the more dramatic pace of Twenty20 makes for an equally engaging multiplayer experience. Labelling it the best cricket game available might be the faintest of praise given the complete lack of competition, but fans of the sport should be pleased that their only option is such an accomplished one.

Presentation - 7.5
Graphics - 6.5
Sound - 7.5
Gameplay - 8.5
Lasting Appeal - 8.5
Overall -

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HBK6193391d ago

Good score.

The Aussie review says the game is very realistic too, so sounds great all round.

kingdavid3391d ago

Its actually not too bad a game. If they overhauled the graphics and physics it would be a stellar game. Alas its merely decent.