Theo Walcott and Frank Lampard join Rooney on FIFA 10 cover

Console Monster writes: "EA Sports have today revealed Chelsea FC midfielder Frank Lampard and Arsenal's rising star, Theo Walcott, will join Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney as the faces of FIFA 10 in the UK.

Speaking to EA, Wayne Rooney, returning for his fifth year on the UK cover, said: "FIFA is definitely the best football game on the market, and I am delighted to be featured on the cover again. I play the game regularly online and against a lot of the lads at the club and I'm looking forward to the 360 degree control as it will make FIFA even more realistic than any other football game out there...""

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KingsofOmega3394d ago


table3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Theo is so overrated aswell. Hasn't really done anything yet and rarely puts in a good performance. I guess they wanted another English player on the front since its the UK cover... and there are no good scottish/welsh players.

cRaZyLeGs 933394d ago

Bet the Irish cover is gonna be crap.

Cwalat3394d ago

Doesn't anyone in the EA staff recognize Zlatan?

Fu**ing douchebags.

IrishRepublicanArmy3394d ago

we may aswell throw some gaeilic football players on the cover!!
or maybe robbie keane richard dunne and stephen ireland or shay given!!

Mozilla893394d ago

I guess as long as I don't have to look at Ronaldinho's ugly mug again this year, I'll be happy.

iceman063394d ago

Thinking they were going with the English players...well at least you have 3 to the US we will get stuck with the "flavor of the month" US player and whoever they deem is the best from other leagues.

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table3394d ago

the whole world cares apart from the USA... who apparently know better than to join in this sport.

silvacrest3394d ago

agreed stewgart, this is just another american who only cares about america

never mind that football/soccer is the most popular sport in the world

Alex_Mexico3394d ago

another person who thinks that Madden is bigger but fails to remember its sport is only played professionally in one country whilst football/fútbol/soccer is played all around the world.

kingdavid3394d ago

madden is not a sport :l

xxBATTLECATxx3394d ago

hey man, im american and i love football. theres a buttload of football fans in america its just the HATERS that are more vocal about hating it. if we're all going by country then the UK cover is a good pick. I guess we could have Onyewu Donovan and Altidore or something on ours.

cmrbe3394d ago

remember that US almost beat Brazil in the finals of the federation cup?.

The US is coming up fast in soccer.

I like soccer but i still think Rugby is still the best football code.

iceman063394d ago

They'll probably choose just 1 and add Kaka and C. Ronaldo or something. That's what usually happens!!!

Sean Ryno3394d ago

I never suspected that that little comment of mine would cause such an uproar. So, I am sorry for that. I should have said "I don't know anyone who would care" Which is true, and more specific.

To correct a few of you out there though, I am not a hater, I do not hate soccer. I think some of the best athletes in the world are soccer players (they run A LOT!!!:))

I am also, definitely not a Madden fan, in fact I'm not a fan of realistic simulation games at all.

As far as sports go, I am an MMA fighter and have found myself deeply interested in this sport. Proof -

Sorry if I offended anyone. (I think I'll crawl back into my hole now)

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Stinkey3394d ago

Go F*** yourself... This is the wrong place to come and try to start that "who cares about foot" crap. WE all care! On Topic thank good CR9 isn't on the cover or Ronaldinho. I wonder who is going to be on the NA cover.

DiffusionE3394d ago

None of those guys deserved to be on the cover. Why not Torres or Messi? Or maybe Kaka or C.Ronaldo? I like Rooney but i don't understand why he has to make the damn cover every friggin' year, even while he's performing badly. Oh well, i guess England's gotta have top priority in an english game.

table3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Lampard had an amazing season last and Rooney played awesome hes just not a prolific scorer. Nothing wrong with those two on there. Obviously if you wanted the very best regardless of nationality it would be Kaka, Ronaldo, and Messi on the front. Though I think Gerrard is top class and should be there instead of Walcott... maybe hes just not the right ambassador after the nightclub incident.

@gam71 - perhaps because Torres or Robinho for example play in the Premiership therefore it would be feasible that they may feature on the cover.

Gam713394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Well having English players in the English league for the English version of the Game of an English sport sort of makes sense.

Kaka and Ronaldo play for Real Madrid
and Messi plays for Barcelona
Why should they be on the UK cover?

(I do realise this is the UK version and not just English but was just illustrating my point about not having foreigners from foreign leagues on the cover)

I wouldn't expect there to be English players on the cover of the Spanish version and especially if those players didn't even play in the Spanish league so why expect something similar here?

Torres would be feasible but he never mentioned Robinho.
Anyway whats wrong with supporting home grown talent. We have a habit of not doing that and promoting big name foreigners.
It would be silly to not have any homegrown players on the cover and I really can't see the German cover having non-German players on it's cover etc.

DiffusionE3394d ago

and that's exactly why i put up the last line, brainy. English players on the cover of the english version makes sense, right? Then i guess the guys who put Ronaldinho on Fifa 08 and 09 UK covers were assassinated immediately afterwards.....

Gam713394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Hew Newton when your comment is asking why certain players aren't on the UK cover and all but one don't even play in the UK your last line sums your point up perfectly.

Why can't the cover be reserved for only Players in UK leagues or shock horror only English players.

They wouldn't do that for region specific covers in other big Footballing nations. They probably would be assassinated in some of those if they put a foreigner on the cover regardless if he played in the league.

People seem to be really upset that they've done this like it's wrong to have all English or maybe its because their favourite player isn't on the cover or their team isn't represented.

You can't please everyone but at least this makes sense.

unless you live in Scotland and Wales.

psbeyond3394d ago

Torres and Messi signed up to Pro Evo 2010 in late June, so I doubt they can sign with the competition also! ( )

Mozilla893394d ago

That was a helpful post.

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PureGamer3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

lol at theo doesnt put in good preformances. The man is a workhorse he will be great this year.

Also why no torres and messi? its because they are on the pro evo cover this year.

Dead_Cell3394d ago

Half of the time he can hardly even control the damn ball when he has it because he thinks "lawl i can outrun joo".

PureGamer3394d ago

you serious? the guy is brilliant he was out for half the season last year so we cant judge him on that. Cannot control the ball jesus christ do you watch him play?

Dead_Cell3394d ago

have I seen him lose the ball just because he was trying to put overpowering pace over control.

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