The PSP's Competition is Getting Better

Shipping in a few days from GP2X Stores Worldwide comes what must be considered the Future of Handheld Innovation.

The Cradle is a revolution to the handheld gaming community. This device is only for the GP2X but it shows the world what can be done.

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kingofps34125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Any games for that sexy little thing yet? Anyways, about "The PSP's Competition is Getting Better" thing is just ridiculous. I be surprised if "The Cradle" finds a decent market share in this handheld industry cycle.

anh_duong4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

hmm.. the whole attachment looks really practical.. i.e. use my two hands to hold the ps2 controller as opposed to using my two hands to hold the gaming device.. it is all becoming very clear - wished i had thought of it earlier. this is going to be the biggest thing since... errr.. the errr.. the atari lynx.. =) GP2XX you heard it here first - once they avoid chapter 11 that is.

sumfood4u4125d ago

Looks like the consumer has 2 pay more Money like always.

Lumbo4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Oh, a made up connection from about an korean open source handheld device without any games and without industry support. That will make me run and buy this .. erm wait no, ill abstain.
The best part of this tool is the even better battery life than the PSP, a rocking 10 minutes with regular AA cells. and a stunning 4! hours with special lithium ion cells.

Armyless4125d ago

Because I carry a mouse and keyboard in my pocket everywhere I go... oh ya, and a PS2 controller. Lame.

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