Operation Flashpoint 2: German edition screen emerged, helmet inside

The german limited edition from Operation Flashpoint 2 (Dragon Rising) includes an exklusive helmet.

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SRU96003392d ago

Very nice.

This, and the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition, would be very cool to own.

I like the recent trend that I am seeing with FPS collectors editions (cool "real world" items, as opposed to plastic figurines and/or bonus DVD's).

Rusco873392d ago hope the UK PS3 gets a pack like this. This game will be a classic. its been put back a few times this year hope any bugs they had have all been ironed out for it

-Mezzo-3392d ago

What are we gonna do with the helmet, not shelling out extra cash for crap, will only get the game.

SRU96003392d ago

I'm going to fill mine with popcorn and use it as a popcorn bowl.

Statix3391d ago

Good idea!

By the way, this game is gonna rock. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising has 4-player co-op, 70+ weapons (w/ attachments), 30+ vehicles, a 225 sq. km. open world allowing for sandbox-tactical gameplay, and a full 24-hour day-night cycle. I know what military FPS I'm going to get this year, and it's not Modern Warfare 2.

Pandamobile3392d ago

Now that's what I like to see.

PC version getting the the cool edition rather than the console version.

<3 to Codemasters.