Wonderwallweb: Fat Princess Review

Wonderwallweb Writes:

Providing the developer continues to support the game in the future with new maps, classes etc, this title could turn out to be one of the most played PSN titles yet.

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Bordel_19003418d ago

Fat Princess is a heap of fun, good score for a good game.

DanSolo3418d ago

Yeh it is a lot of fun, addictive as well.
A few more classes in the future would be welcome though, as would some extra things to do in new maps, maybe castle defence weapons like ballista or burning oil that could be built to add a few extra things to do.

I was also thinking its a shame each class doesn't have an extra skill or 2 to use to give them a little more depth, say for example; if the priest had a shield spell (a bit like the one the mage has in LOTR Conquest) that lasted 10 or 20 seconds and had a cooldown period of a few minutes or something so it couldn't be spammed and abused. And similar type things for the rest of the classes.

Its basically a great and fun little game, but with some extras to bolster it up a bit it could turn into a game that is played for a long while yet.