Assassin's Creed 2 for under £30; have The Hut gone mad?

From PS3 Attitude: "The Hut are a UK-based online retailer who have been making waves in the industry. Listed in last year's Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 annual league table, they're a company on the move.

But we think they may have gone slightly mad of late.

Yesterday they offered Batman: Arkham Asylum for pre-order at a ridiculous knock-down price, and today they've followed suit with Assassin's Creed 2..."

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table3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

This is good news. Maybe those a**holes over at Game will stop charging over the odds with the added competition around. Havn't bought from them in years.

gaffyh3418d ago

The Batman deal was insane. But I'm holding out on that till I play the demo, the game definitely looks like it will be amazing, but I'll wait until I've played the demo and then make a decision.

Brodiesan3418d ago

That's amazing value.

Expect it to be sold out as quick as Batman was.

STONEY43418d ago

Reminds me of when COD4 was released and I got that and Assassins Creed in a bundle for $60 at Best Buy.

Brodiesan3418d ago

$60 for an awesome game and a good one. You did well!

-Mezzo-3418d ago

No xbot said 260 version will be better. they gave up on this too.

Javier193418d ago

It probably will be though, the graphics are always.

-Mezzo-3418d ago

The other day developers were saying games should be priced 70 bucks if developers are to survive and now were seeing price drops on so many un-released games.

DolphGB3418d ago

Makes you wonder where the lion's share of the money is going... do the devs get proper recompense, or is it going to the publishers, distributors, retailers and platform holders?

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