Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time Final Box Art Design Released

This morning, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released the final European box art design for the forthcoming latest entry in the widely respected Ratchet & Clank series, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. Due for release this Autumn, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time concludes the events that began in Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction.

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xztence2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

this is definitly on my list to buy.
especially with the "almost Pixar" graphics insomniac achieved.

midgetsanx2940d ago

Mine too...

Nefarious actually looks pretty cool!

Knightrid8082940d ago

I'm with you on that one. I already have the game pre-ordered and now just waiting anxiously.

beavis4play2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

i've pre-ordered too! can't wait.

badz1492939d ago

I'm a HUGE fan of the series and Insomniacs ROCKS! but I think the boxart could have been better! I like the one for ToD and it looks so much better than this!

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Saaking2940d ago

Another PS3 exclusive this coming months, yet the bots want to believe PS3 has no games. The x360 has no games.

spektical2940d ago

no online :(

i guess this is gonna be rent from gamefly

-MD-2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )


And nothing on that box art really stands out but it is an upgrade from R&C Future's box.

sarshelyam2940d ago

Are you that new to the series that you'd expect online from the game, or is it simply that no game can be worth a purchase if it doesn't support multiplayer?

Either way you slice it what a decidedly narrow-minded view of games. Nice to know you pass up plenty of GREAT titles for your sub-par multiplayer games.

Nomad10012940d ago

It doesn't show the Only on Playstation sign so its not for sure a no go. But then again, in the Playstation blog post the devs didn't sound like they were doing it.

-MD-2940d ago

The great majority of people nowadays won't buy a game unless it has some kind of co-op/multiplayer due to replay value. It's hard to choose a single player only game over a game with both.

Raf1k12940d ago

To think that people wouldn't buy a game as good as this or even Uncharted simply because of the lack of multiplayer is just sad.

only on playstaychun2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Don't get some ppl. If you want a multiplayer game then buy a multiplayer game. You can't have an amazing singleplayer game like U2, R&C and GOW3 with multiplayer, because it won't work. I played the U2 beta and I thought it was good but thats not what I am looking forward to when I get the game.

Fact is the best multiplayer games, don't have great singleplayers or don't even have singleplayer mode.

Knightrid8082940d ago

I can understand why some people go that way but its also a shame for them to do so. Just because a game doesn't have online gameplay doesn't mean it won't last long. Some games have amazing singleplayer that even when you finish them, you end up replaying them again later on.

SuperM2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

This is the european boxart. There isnt any playstation network symbol on the european PS3 covers, so this doesnt say anything about if it will have multiplayer or not, and im pretty damn sure it will have multiplayer since Insomniac said it will have alot more replay value then Tools of Destruction.

callahan092939d ago

This is the European cover. They don't put the Only on Playstation or Playstation Network symbols on the top of European covers.

beavis4play2939d ago

MP is nearly the same (in each game) with only slight variations. people who focus only on MP are missing some great gaming...........and by only renting SP games, you're really short-changing the experience. i still play uncharted and ratchet:ToD on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.
MP is fun, but it's not in my top 3 reasons to buy a game.

Jaces2939d ago


I didn't hear any of you complaining back in the good ol' days when online wasn't even heard of, and the games were just as fun and had plenty of replayability to them.

Why add online? It just makes for a longer developing time and most fail, ie. Riddick, FEAR2, FarCry 2, Resident Evil 5...and so on.

A lot don't need online because of the shear fun they are to play over and over. Hell, trophies and achievements should be enough right there to play again.

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only on playstaychun2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Couldn't agree more with this. U2 and R&C top of my list :)

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