Square Enix Wins Court Battle In South Korea

In 2007, a Korean company called Fantom started distributing a music video (Sonata of Temptation) by K-Pop star IVY that contained an unauthorized live-action scene-for-scene adaptation of a scene from Advent Children.

Square Enix filed an injunction and the Seoul Central District Court ordered Fantom to cease distribution and sales of the video in April, 2007. In March of the following year, it then decided that Fantom should pay approximately $250,000 in damages to Square Enix.

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A_Little_Girl3392d ago

this is bad news, it will only encourage square enix to be more like microsoft and sue the hell out of companys

gamesR4fun3392d ago

another country falls to the corporate greed.
really cant do a rl fight scene based off an anime without getting sued. We live in a world where freedoms is being sold for corporate profits.

anyways chk it out while u stil can vids pretty good.

ThanatosDMC3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I'm for SE on this one. It's their right. I laugh at the ones that have to pay up. Pwned.

Selyah3392d ago

Doesn't surprise, they've been very protective of their assets for a long time now.

Mo0eY3392d ago

Good ol' Squenix. Looking at every opportunity they can get to shaft the customer even further.

Some guy: "Hey, let's release all of our old games on the DS and it'll sell millions - then we can downgrade the graphics of our upcoming Final Fantasy game that way we don't have to do anything too impressive, and everyone will blame it on the 360!"

Everyone: "Brilliant!"

Though, it still is the 360's fault, Squenix is a different company that it use to be. If they were only in a financial crisis like the SNES era, then we would have the classics that spawned back then (Final Fantasy saved their asses and now they milk that sh!t dry).

-Mezzo-3392d ago

That a great comment. the best i have read this morning. lol


SqaureEnix have a right to prosecute those Koreans if they steal from them.

Very simple procedure

Eric Cartman3392d ago

It's about time Koreans learn to respect copyrights and finally start making something new and fresh. (Microsoft, anyone?)

Mooey, Square Enix never was a good company. That was Square, or Squaresoft.

Ever wonder where FFVII came from? Sony.

Sony helped them, gave them technology, and spent a hundred million dollars promoting the game in the US alone. The only reason Final Fantasy series is popular outside of Japan is because of Sony. Mr. Wada should learn a thing or two from Dogs.

Nihilism3392d ago

i'd say that they shouldn;t sue people who are obviously fans, but the clip was a legit, full music video, and they were making money from it, so good on SE, and sucked in to the people who appealed and got screwed worse, i know i would never take a clip from a movie etc and use it in a music video, because any idiot knows its ILLEGAL

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The story is too old to be commented.